Farewell, child

A walk of a hill, looking at those dark green trees, childhood memories and moments become increasingly clear.That time young, playful lot.Each value today think of them, will recall that period has been far more lines of ignorant years.    Remember when young the most fun thing is to look forward to after school or summer vacation.After school often called on a few good small partners came together to play a spacious valley, or play marbles, jump or box, or will fight sandbags.Often playing to the mere mention of days late, the stars covered the sky when will the road to their home in the big people’s cries in.Walking on the way home and looked up at the stars twinkling in the sky, as if to see that likes to play with a small partner’s eyes, Emmanuel flashing, flashing a smile.Back to the dinner table will be secretly laughing, parents see that silly way to prepare for coming in late will dilute the idea of blame, will Mo Zhaotou harmony, said: “After the fun allowed to go home early lest we worry.”Back soon ‘I know’, after they went smiling.    Sometimes also a man with a book, quietly came to Grove Village head, quietly enjoy their own leisure time.Quietly sitting on a tree stump, staring at the green foliage, as if hanging in the branches of natural jade head, seen through the gaps of blue sky there are several flower clouds drifting away, like snow clean, white jade.Sunset in the evening watching the sunset slowly turned into the sunset, the rays exceptionally soft, and then listen to the voice of small stream meanders through, gently open the book read: “Spring is here, the flowers opened.”From time to time also hear the occasional flying between forest bird sounds, was actually so crisp, so sweet.Twilight gradually climbed up the hill, the village also black black before my eyes light.    Whenever summer comes, often little to be excited about, was flattered.I thought the school no longer have to worry about a thing.When summer comes home busy time, the village head mountains and plains are great people to clean up crops.Our children are also tasked.We need only optimistic about the family cow on it.After breakfast we will be holding a day to put cattle on a small hill, we have a few small partners led by the spirit of sacrifice on their home, walking and frolicking.The spirit of sacrifice to be rushed to several on a small hill, will any of them free, as long as they do not trample crops bullish on it.Together we’ll pick a few wild flowers together to get the look better than anyone else taken, or catch birds together, each person will be caught minutes after a nest of birds, the people will be assigned to the care of these creatures.Of course, this bird will not obediently and we play, we are not prepared to take advantage of secretly flew away.After losing the bird fly away partners will be a happy day together, until all of us into the hands of this lovely spirit put, he will be an understanding smile.He laughed and we laughed it.    Slowly our heads higher and higher, but can stay, but less joy.I do not know Since that year left the woods, left home; came to the county, came to the field, by the way also saw the outside world.But only those childhood friends who are less and less contact.Just heard a small North got married last year, very beautiful bride.Nan child and now no one knows where.Today, once again returned home, only to find that once a favorite grove gone, tis clouds also cast a shadow over black.In the morning breeze in autumn once again riding on a bus away from home, in the cold dew, I waved to let the cattle once a small hill, along with drifting brown cloud day edge.