Chayu chat comic,

Occasionally went to Beijing Panjiayuan Antique Market, one of my great discovery is comic but also rise in price.I picked up a humble comic, an ask price, 25 yuan!I am not convinced stall and asked: “So old, yellowed paper are, but also so much?”I did not expect all of a sudden stall took the book back, disdain and said:” This is in hot demand, which is published in mid-1962, “Red Rock”!This is the classic red, you do not know?”I know that this comic book pricing only 3 corner two minutes, it is now up hundreds of times!Former unrefined comic, now simply become a highlight of the children’s Antique Market.According to a source close to market introduction.Before the Cultural Revolution of the last century the most popular comic.A set of “Three Kingdoms meaning” asking price is four thousand!I listened to secretly speechless.Childhood, our favorite comic books, four decades later, even became the darling of the collection.Change things, and what hangs in the balance, how thought-provoking ah.    Childhood comic books, comic book should be called, until now people still used to call “comic”.Reflect, also stands to reason.First, this book is for kids, and adults often dismissive.So called “comic”; Second, most of this book is the 64 format, palm-sized, with map-based, both explained.The figure is very small figures.Nature is the real comic.At that time, we all quietly to save money, we must count their own steel Beng save the day once to save a dozen, enough to buy a comic, and once to buy a home, it seems now got baby ground.Look yourself over and over again.Who would like to take, have to take the comic to change.We have a student in the class, his father opened curb Plaza, got some change money, it is to buy a few, he is very cattle, each time after class in the class, it is arrogance, Pompous.And everyone around him, he also seems to have become the leader of a small.He wants someone to do, who did two words.Comic, why was this fire?Today, it seems, when the countryside, spiritual life is simply too lacking.Listen to “headset child”, or listen to a return to “crystal radio”, that is a luxury.If just find decent chance to read this, just as difficult mountaineering.”There is no dry food, you have to porridge,” comic came into being is logical.    On a comic full of paintings, color, also composed by the film stills.No matter what, each of these are illustrated.Children low levels of literacy, like to see the picture card, comic naturally become our best pet.When I got up from the fifth grade, we like stories of historical figures, one day, I saw my classmates king with a set of “Legend,” the comic, the “Twin Dragons”, “Li Ling Stele”, “Fugitive “” Yangqi Lang Da Lei, “I saw the cover of that picture, it is very envious, I want to see what this.It certainly does not work.I begged him to just lend me one, just look at one day.He still does not agree with life and death.I am anxious, he said: “You lend me one, let me give you what you live, all right.”.He looked at me like a ton of bricks, said: “You give me a clerking Cursive,” is that he is also cruel trick children.In order to settle this comic, I have to fight it.Said to him: “That’s OK, you can not change your mind.”So, I wore the moon, gave him a Cursive, only in exchange for a comic look, we have seen a comic in the Hilti component.    When I was in sixth grade, the school gate not far from an old man put up a comic book stalls, the rent not sell, reading a penny, could not take away.This bookstall, very simple.A piece of wood, on a few stools.Arrayed dozens of comic on board.Old man beard fluttering, face kind.Incorporate a jar, is used to close steel Beng.Every day after school, we ran wildly Wang Zheer.First-served basis, late to see it.We all get away from steel Beng much, we should rent a careful look, then rent a reading.Until dark, the old man shut the shop, and we reluctantly leave.This small bookstall, with my years.I looked on the pocket money, mostly spent on this comic.    I became so deep bond and comic, junior high school, our class is very creative, read out a “comic” class meeting.Let’s class of 50 students, each person bring a comic from home.Let each of these collections of comic books being counted, so that we share.That day, very lively, very happy.We put the desks in a row.To write their names in the comic books on the table.They lined up to walk, chosen at random.That day, the class teacher but also their own money, bought some new.Which one, just to be my pick on.I naturally overjoyed, hungry, and read.That comic book reflects the life of the rural co-operative.From my life very close, I totally see to understand, although I do not like that inside the characters, but to draw the figures Vivid, like watching a silent movie of small.Classes will be over, the teacher put away those books, I still love.But at that time I did not notice who is calling home who painted until the last few years, I learned that the famous painter Heyou straight handwriting.It is said that has now become a comic-book collection of treasures, old worthless.It is said that many years also engage in the collection of people, hands the money, it is difficult to buy “Pioneering” wife genuine.That ban will be happy to read comic books since, I still remember.That day, as if the teacher led us into the spirit of a rare oasis for our educational impact and lasting aftertaste!    After several decades of history of precipitation, people suddenly found that the content of comic dazzling, as if spring garden, a variety of flowers flourish.All times, broad range.Comic depicts the World, of which there are many great painters, generous.In addition to Heyou straight, and Dong Hung Yuan painting of the former Soviet writer Gorky’s autobiographical “trilogy”: “Childhood”, “in the world”, “my university”.Zhao this painting of the “Monkey King Skeleton Demon”, Hua Sanchuan painted the “White-Haired Girl,” Gu Bingxin painted “Lenin in October”, Zhang Leping’s “三毛流浪记” Liu Jiyou of “Ji Maoxin”, etc..Really are flowers in full bloom, and so forth.The painter’s style rigorous neat, delicate lifelike images, aesthetic taste and artistic taste first class.With high ornamental value.No wonder many collectors love playing added.    Comic books as works of art, collectors appreciate the taste is nothing wrong, but I still want someone to build an exhibition room.So that more fans can get sexual enjoyment.Because of that era is over forever.See comic think that era, it has become increasingly difficult.