Minsheng Bank: now verify false financial management involved 16.500 million to invest in local real estate and other artifacts

April 27 afternoon, China held the first quarter of 2017, investors exchange, First Financial correspondent was informed on behalf of Vice President Shi Jie introduced the line of Beijing Aerospace Bridge Branch circumstances relevant to the case。  Amount of money involved about 16.500 million yuan Shi Jie said that Beijing Branch investigation based on the information the customer reflects found space bridge branch president Zhang Ying financial contracts and the use of forged stamps, defrauding customers of financial capital, was a personal moral hazard caused by operational risk events, suspected of crimes。  According to the current preliminary clues, Zhang Ying Department by controlling the accounts of others as fund collection accounts, fabricating false investment products and wealth management products for sale, or directs his own branch of individual employees to find the target customers, customer illegally raised funds for personal domination, part of real estate for investment, artifacts, jewelry and other fields, to raise funds did not enter the accounting system。  Up to now, case by case basis by the bank and the customer working group to verify the registration, involving about 16.500 million yuan, involving customers of about 150 people, in addition to Zhang Ying, there were individual sub-branch employees are receiving public security investigation。  Insiders said, after the incident, Minsheng Bank cooperate with public security departments to be involved in control of the freeze accounts, the suspect seized some cash, property and goods, preliminary judging future losses generated in the controllable range。The source emphasized that the case has nothing to do with the space bridge branch of bill business。  Aspects of internal control mechanisms exist loopholes Minsheng Bank said the main reason for the case, one individual establishments internal control mechanisms and internal management loopholes, compliance awareness need to be further improved, building compliance systems and compliance culture cultivation also continue to be strengthened。Second, individuals in violation of the system, illegal operations are the main cause of this case。It also reflects the daily operations branch of the intensity and frequency of inspection is not enough, check the timeliness is not strong, lack the necessary sensitivity to potential risks。Third, branch staff behavior management is not in place, the daily management failed to play its due role in prevention and constraints, in particular, has been missing for moral hazard management and personnel in key positions。  Speaking follow-up measures, Shi Jie said, Minsheng Bank had been held within the bank special meeting, asked all employees to learn, attaches great importance to the issue behind the case, China Banking Regulatory Commission to seriously implement the "three violations", "three arbitrage", "four improper" "market chaos" and other special management requirements, strict implementation of the system, plug the loopholes thorough, in-depth investigation and hidden, to prevent similar incidents from happening again。  For follow-up, Minsheng bank said, one actively cooperate with public security organs, and strive to ascertain the facts as soon as possible, to maximize the protection of customer funds safe, to properly resolve the demands of all parties bear responsibility according to the law。Second, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the CBRC, standardized financial management and agency sales, regulate sales practices, the letter comprehensive investigation for troubleshooting found in a list, one by one rectification。The third is to strengthen the system construction, implementation of the system do a good job。In particular, to do public work and prompt product marketing, new demands in terms of practices, customer communication, product training and reconciliation reminders to ensure sales compliance, protect the public interest。Fourth, strengthen personnel management。Strictly to good workers and employers to access and off, while the implementation of key posts strong rotation and mandatory leave and other institutional arrangements。(Original title: Minsheng Bank "false financial case" involved about 16.500 million yuan is invested in real estate, artifacts, jewelry) (Editor: DF075)