Jiu San Society proposal: legislation should accelerate the real estate tax, inheritance tax trial

Two sessions, forward-proposal proposal according to the proposal, should speed up the real estate tax legislation and timely advance; if necessary, the pilot vacant tax, reducing the vacancy and the "cover plate"; research revised and improved inheritance laws, timely and appropriate pilot inheritance tax。  February 27, Jiu San Society held a press conference two proposals。  Jiu San Society Central Propaganda Minister Mu Jianmin, this year to be submitted to the General Assembly to speak Jiu San Society Central 13, in which an oral presentation, a written statement 12。Intends to submit proposals 80, wherein the central nominal nine three society proposals 44 to nine three society sectors or member joint proposal 36。  Divided by the proposal relates to the field, political and legal class 12, class 14 science and technology education, culture, industry, economy class 19, class 13 resources and environment, social and livelihood class 12, class 10 construction。  Mu Jianmin, this year's General Assembly speech and the proposal has the following three characteristics: closely linked to socialism with Chinese characteristics into the theme of the new era, around the principal contradiction in our society changes, implement new development concept, focusing winning building a moderately prosperous society weak short board suggestions; highlight the characteristics of sectors Jiu San Society, suggestions in the promotion of technological innovation, stimulate innovation and vitality of science and technology and human resources; tracking people's livelihood and ecological environmental protection issues offer advice and long-term concern of Jiu San Society central。  When necessary, the pilot property tax in many vacant proposal, the proposal to be submitted to the Jiu San Society "recommendation on the promotion of stable and healthy development of the real estate market" concern。  Central Economic Work Conference that should accelerate the establishment of multi-agent supply, multi-channel support, hire purchase both the housing system, the development of the housing rental market, especially the long-term lease, lease to protect the legitimate interests of stakeholders, professional support, organization of corporate housing rental development; to improve the long-term mechanism to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, maintain market control policy continuity and stability of real estate, to distinguish between central and local powers, the implementation of differentiated regulation。  To this end, market allocation proposal should be "bottom line"。Can not take responsibility "Housing" too much push to the market。Role of Market focuses on optimizing the structure, as many major cities function ease, small towns to undertake industry and jobs transfer。We should sum up experience, and coordinate the relationship between "production people to the city room" for the big city to improve the living environment, small and medium cities to lay the foundation for inventory。  Jiu San Society suggested that some local low-rent housing, public rental to take "simultaneously with rent subsidies + 'policy, speed up the sandwich for a total property room pilot, we have achieved very good results。Should increase public rental housing construction and common property, and strengthen supervision and protection of housing construction efforts。Play a guiding role of state-owned enterprises, vigorously develop the housing rental market。  According to the proposal, should speed up the real estate tax legislation and timely advance; relevant laws to accelerate research, "70-year property restrictions"; the pilot when necessary vacant tax, reducing the vacancy and the "cover plate"; research revised and improved inheritance laws, timely and appropriate pilot inheritance tax problem。  In rationalize land use related institutional, Jiu San Society recommends that inter-provincial pilot flow indicators, moderate profit sharing, increase the supply, according to industry development and housing needs to match the size and structure of construction land。Responsibility for the implementation of the objectives and requirements for ground level and place a substantial inconsistent accountability, strengthen the implementation of residential land plan。  Jiu San Society put forward, Beijing, Shanghai and other places land supply plan, specifically on the part of land use as rental housing, increasing the supply of rental housing, to suppress land prices rising too fast, should sum up and promote relevant experience。  State-owned enterprises should improve the debt structure "recommendation on the promotion of stable and healthy development of the real estate market", the Jiu San Society to be submitted "suggestions for optimizing the structure to lay anti-risk leveraged tough fight" the same concern。  Data show that three quarters of 2017, including residents, non-financial corporate and government sectors, including the real economic levers rate at the end of 2016234.2% increased by 239%, up 4.8 percent for three consecutive quarters to maintain modest growth。  Among them, non-financial corporate sector leverage rate at the end of 2016155.Decreased slightly by 1% to 154 at the end of the third quarter of 2017.8%, is one of the key and difficult deleveraging work。  Proposal stressed that the structural features of the non-financial corporate sector leverage ratio shows that deleveraging is not "one size fits all", you can not just "go to" how much "down" how much should "There is pressure there is insurance, to promote the excellent" control lever, optimize the leverage structure, improve the quality of leverage。  Jiu San Society recommends that state-owned enterprises should improve the debt structure。Accelerate the establishment of state-owned capital replenishment mechanism that allows businesses through multi-channel financial capital, private capital, foreign capital and other diversified supplementary capital, to ensure that enterprise capital adequacy ratio is maintained at a reasonable level moderate。Establish a strict financial system and capital constraint mechanism, science to determine the business development scale and speed, deter reckless investment impulse, to promote balance sheet structure to form a reasonable。  In addition, the Jiu San Society also recommended, as the debt work to promote the need to effectively regulate the behavior of the government, especially local government, to prevent its excessive intervention in the highly indebted state-owned enterprises or overprotective; strengthen pre-screening, post-supervision, prevent moral hazard; public debt determine fair price to protect the interests of state-owned assets。  Two proposals [financial] [stock market] [state-owned] [tax] (Original title: Jiu San Society: should speed up the real estate tax legislation, pilot inheritance tax) (Editor: DF370)