Huayu flying sky, cherry Ruoxue dying

April light Dan Yiqu minor, brought me back from the south lane in the rain in March, brought to Fangcaoqiqi sandbar, the sky in a flying Huayu day, read a text, cherish the memory for some time; in a little Fallen flowers season, enjoy a cherry rain, watching a feast through the seasons, filled the air, like snow falling Sakula, fleeting bright。    ——Inscription Suri water, ma'am, time to quietly slip away from the fingertips, looking back at the past, there are always some melancholy arouses thoughts, there are always some things indifferent light, always brought back painful memories for some, there are always some people in deep memory at variegated, but never forgotten。I did not remember, just because you are on the shore of the heart, never leave。    I'm in the clouds, you're in my fingertips。The foot of the clouds like water as far away, far from the bright shining sunlight, turn a light aviation magazine, a tourist attraction photo, a travel journal articles appear clearly in front, reading silently, follow the author's pace, walked one after another leisurely time, as if real life-like, but also as a legendary fantasy blur, outline drawing in pen and mood, so always fascinated me, like a deep years old disease, lingering, push the ghost, deemed a drunken alcoholic, always withstand the alcohol wine cellars。    As a nunnery unprepared, fell into the abyss of memories。    That spring, he and his cousin childhood in cherry blossom season, hand in hand, Shen Spring Park。    He is a talented boy genius, she is both virtuous Jun wife, newlyweds, always found lingering loving, Fuchangfusui, courteous。Shen Garden in April, blossom, birds sing, they open the door and the line, and song and dance, and the line and unfortunately, surely the happiest thing in life than this, there is a beautiful young woman and had Shuangsushuangfei , and that the available therewith, which run into the home Wenliang Xian Shukutoku。Good wife, confidant combined, can be described as a rare amazing woman, the world is scarce。    Candle swaying, husband and wife both around the house also, and he married her, no doubt loving two。    Years as an encouraging people of scissors, the deepest in the mortal world jealous cut their red line。He (Lu) mother intimate lingering dissatisfaction with the daughter of Lu, Lu delayed for fear of career, life and life to actually break up this Shenxianjuanlv, he, imploring her, tearful, may eventually be no match the fate of the tease。    Spring ten years later, when he was full of melancholy to revisit Shen Garden。As he sat alone binge drinking, drinking to forget it, accidentally met after she and her husband remarried Zhao Shi Cheng。    Ten years between life and death, does not consider, since the memorable。Although there is no life to death Sushi is so tragically, but it is not a good feeling in their hearts。Recall the old, hand in hand with the tour, loving endless, and now she is already someone else's wife, the hearts of old love like a flood raging boom, swept filled the cover, once the day and night, once eachother, once affectionate It is at that moment in my mind, choked breathing, Choudao the flow of water, toast Xiaochou worry even more unhappy, looking at her lopsided back, he was only sitting in place, indifferent。    As he put the glass down, want to turn away。Zhao Shi surprise her consent process, brought him a glass of wine。He looked small step move clear, than yellow, could not help but burst into tears, emotionally, former lover, a tearful send wine, told how he was not sad?His head and drank a cup affectionate spirits, thoughts like inflated balloons into the sky, the white garden wall, fired off letters: red crisp hand, yellow vine wine。The city walls of the palace Spring Liu。Wind evil, joy feeling thin。Many years separated, my mind full of sorrow。Wrong, wrong, wrong。    Spring, such as old people thin air。Tears slip down the red raw silk through the shark。Peach down, leisure pool Court。Although in Union Hill, Kam book difficult to care。Mo, Mo, Mo。    After the inscription, once again look back fondly of his former wife, then a sense of loss away。Behind him, it is that a cherry knitting world, Ruoxue withered, scattered smoke cleared。Her heart pain, such as flash floods, standing there alone reluctant to leave, and repeatedly read the song "Reproduction", shortly after they melancholy away, certain death。    She died, and I think most of the years after the reunion of the bar。One pair made in heaven, but in the stormy Southern Song Dynasty were brutally realistic fight fragmentation, a pair of couple of people dancing in the cherry, Ruoxue wandering days, chanting song "Reproduction", a broken human intestinal Yin。    That year, the sky flying Huayu, carrying her unwavering love for his deep, wind fall, implanted the earth。Her love like roots as great and silent, his deep love for the earth, feathering in the mountains, quietly, but subtle fragrance surplus sleeves, Shen Park each cherry trees are open a beautiful love, cherry blossoms are blooming every one of his deepest and true love, that the cherry blossoms filled the air, she is silent words of love。    If, abrupt end this life, here nap time, life can reincarnation, then he and her next life, will in this cherry blossom day meet, in which cherry trees fluttered meet the most beautiful in this world April day of the season, the handle and the line, met Allure love。    But in the fate of the gear can be silently transform, after Lu north against gold, the diversion of tenure, precarious decades later, still it can not duck his mind nostalgic poet, has been in the sixties, aged 63, he“Even complex to daisy stitch pillow bag, felt sad”He wrote 🙁 one) picked yellow as a pillow bag, curved screen Sapporo bored deep fragrance。    Dream recall forty-three years, no one said light dark heartbroken!    (Second) day had less problems chrysanthemum pillow poetry, knitting bag lock silk residue draft。    The world do everything to kill, only fragrance like the old!    His love for her, the life aspect, from the lush loving teenager, youth to fall in love, to cherish the memory of mourning in old age, are people whom sigh, whom recollections, often reading, the heart will always be hard to let go feelings linger, when seventy-five, he had to retire from office, moved to Shen garden, the Wan (Tang Wan) door, lamp in the ancient incense, accompanied rest of his life, until the day they die。    Bliss if the cold, lonely fleeting。Often read that the first "Reproduction", hearts always provoke a surge of deep emotion, often turn on those photos Shen Garden on the computer, his thoughts always leap long and arduous journey, he came to the“Could it”The side, watching a dying cherry blossoms, recollections of a touching story。    Perhaps the person's life can have a variety of choices, there will be many different colors, if, to use one kind of beautiful words to explain a way of life, then I think she set the language of flowers is the cherry blossoms, bloom season, quarter fragrant, It did not last long in, not Sunday。A short period of April is the time of her life。    Sakura, as if the rain fly。    In the faint afternoons, falling on the road between the mind。And his love as she hurried youth, just a scene, and only one season, but distant fragrance, lingering consider his life。Colorful need, no Always Spring, but better than evening primrose midnight, and the light touch, accompanied by a touch of his life in the past。I think, on that piece of cherry blossom petals, will have crystal clear drop of dew, my dear, that's not dew, her tears Review。    Cherry, Ruoxue like landing。    In ancient days of jealousy, Unlucky said, perhaps, that is the case, the ages of the roots, almost rare longevity。Perhaps, like really like that poet of youth is difficult to stay in, the roots of Liu Yi River。Her love short period of her life, just a glimpse of time, short, sorry。Just like the flying snow, when she was falling at your fingertips, already melting when she kisses your forehead, quietly into water。    Huayu flying sky, cherry Ruoxue dying。    Perhaps, when every open casement of April, opening the heart, there is always a wind and falling Sakula cut off, the hearts of meditation always, I wish they can live happy in heaven, just as each time to see one pair of blue Huangshuang Fei butterfly, fantasy is always this pair is not the legendary butterfly Lovers。    Went to Rhapsody, but also to cherry romantic time。Standing at the window overlooking, at the mountains, the blue sky and white clouds, green willow Qing Yang, Shen Way back garden of bamboo, whether classes tears little bit, Shen Garden cherry blossoms, whether still charming, until a gust of wind, tours, fly sky Huayu, cherry Ruoxue withered……    Original article, reproduced, please indicate the source, author。