Fold edged peach branches, who donated

March peach, romantic and poetic。Choose a sunny spring morning, about their own think about, people want to see, places to go peach blossom aroma bath。——Text / leaning out of windows listening to the rain, "Book of Songs" goes:“Recipe, Shining”。Every spring, light pink flowers infected charming, to the gorgeous costumes dressed spring brings。Bloom in March, April flower Fan。This time it is facing the early spring breeze peach, gradually blooming season。I was making a slow march toward a near Taoyuan。Trance, seems to be an elegant fragrance blowing…… Think of a child, every family yard are planted with peach, apricot。Childhood, spring brought us the most direct experience is that these beautiful flowers blooming sequence。Often several fold full of peach branches, inserted in a glass bottle and placed before the shabby desk。For the era of material scarcity, because the spirit of these flowers and grass exceptionally abundance。It is these everyone has flowers, there will be a childhood friend's name: Chun Tao, ginkgo, flowers……The mother did not fall into the cliche, as I chose a more elegant word as a name——Xuan, Nepenthe。Blossoms again brilliant, is not normally open; grass, although short, may be Evergreen。I think this is the mother wanted me to different places with them。However, I was secretly changed the name, and their closer, because it's surrounded by pink filled with branches, arouses enchanted。 Childhood peach complex, because the share of attractive color and aroma spread the breath of spring。Today, large tracts of which entered the Peach Grove, but for the party seeking quiet, rest the body and mind in nature。 This Taoyuan just at the slopes, there is still a distance away from the village。Bypassing the village, all the way along the slope, looking ahead, a blossoming peach in the spring twilight is so bright, fresh, full of life。“Willow Chihiro color, aryl peach garden。Wind into the curtain, the only mess-clothing”。Intoxicating peach blossoms in the breeze, scent the air, the mountains are no longer silent, water is no longer crooning。 Remember reading Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom Spring", there is this sentence:“Suddenly every Peach Grove, Gaan few hundred paces, no Zashu, fresh grass, fallen flowers。”Has to read, it is still in front of a bustling。When face to face touch this piece of Peach Grove, Liu Xia feel actually dancing on the hillside。It is a step closer, as if into a fairy tale world, a round, clusters, bright red, fragrant intoxicating, brilliant pink fog。Dianran like rouge, lip color Ruxia, very romantic rendering of the hillside, glamorous。 Just drunk, almost ignoring a hut in Taoyuan, I do not know whether it will come out a face peach country country girls, lend me a bowl of water?Think laugh, I'm not Pathetic scholar, nor wit Cui Hu, how can we meet that woman by water? A child, my father took me to see the local opera bowl bowl cavity "Taoyuan borrow water", do not know the content of the play, just know that there is a very handsome scholar, a bowl of water to the United States to face a sister, peach, and later disappeared。Later, he will always ask Dad?Later, the father said to the scholar Beijing exam, come back to see her again, it is the second spring, the US sister missing……Later it?They do not know。Tang grew up reading "Green Fields capital title"“Last year, this door today, Moment of truth。Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved。”Childhood glance see the play, it turned out to be the source of。Young scholar Cui Hu did not test examination, the Ching Ming Festival travel alone Changan suburban Green Fields, went to the farm in front of a peach blossoms, a beautiful girl out warmly received him, left a lasting impression on each other。The second year the festival again, closed courtyard, I do not know where the girl, only Love and facing the spring bloom, melancholy scene by people。 Here, the heart of peach still has a touch of melancholy。 Romantic and beautiful love, there will regret this or that。If that does not leave a woman in Taoyuan, whether for a happy match will conclude?I have always been emotional, in the matter in person if this。How I wish the depths of Taoyuan, that clusters of Liu Xia no longer fall; how I wish that woman by water, someone will promise peach love of her life。 Such stories, to listen to me naturally, often heartache。Think about it, love in the United States to the extreme when will the pain to the extreme。because“Human face”It disappeared, only the stories through the ages。Often as a specimen of things, not the United States to the extreme, it is bitter to the extreme。I am eager to dress a deep-seated love, but is afraid of their own can not afford to bear such bitter。I eventually just laity, laity thought of the day, simple, and his companions。 This March, the peach is still brilliant as before。On the hillside in addition to me, there are a few young couple, photographed them in Taoyuan, occasionally the owner will come out to say hello, and then I did not mind peach woman, was an elderly old man that surface。Honest, simple no lack of enthusiasm, not by water, is automatically served with a bowl of soup well。I can not in the mood to drink it, because the same is a bowl of water, I was fascinated by the share of missed love。 Peach blossoms, and I'm in Taoyuan outside the heart, the mind is so different, if only because some missed love?You do not take over the water, only occasionally encounters Looking back with me, there was through the water like a hazy Taoyuan affection。Perhaps you smarter than Cui Hu, also left a number, a ghost town close to each other, in fact, just a string of numbers, but I see it as life in the spring。 Today, I do not want the pictures in Peach Grove, afraid to touch thousands of years ago desolate scene again, and inviting sad.。Just gently folded edged peach branches, carefully write down the word: gift Jun。If your heart have the possibility of peach blossom season next year, invited me?