Taiwan entertainment Zaoxin a lot of ex-boyfriend

Taiwan entertainment Zaoxin ex-boyfriend a lot || Roy Chiu (left) and Tang Yan 8th, a small number of former boyfriend Huang Zi Jiao first went to "Kangxi to the" video, plus two crying embrace clear the air, causing the audience on both sides of the heat discuss。   Huang Zi Jiao small number of years ago due to the explosive discord broke up, the man is labeled "Fuxin Han" label by the image fell, after no more strangers intersection。 In fact, Taiwan's entertainment, this due to "Ungrateful heartless" and famous ex-boyfriend after another, grasping a lot。 Mentioned in the original break event, and even the fans feel Zaoxin actress for parties。 In the social media era, once they become people cry male stars of "slag man", often difficult to "bounce back" worrying stardom。   Roy Chiu: ballin also lie does not love also hurt Zaoxin index: five-star bring disaster actress: actor Roy Chiu Tang Yan Taiwan and mainland actress Tang Yan due to filming soon, and then the secret love。
Tang Yan assistant broke the news afterwards, in the woman's selfless love, the Roy Chiu for cleaning the house, cleaning the toilet。
Although love is remote, Roy Chiu Tang Yan to give surprise, had specifically to Taiwan for his birthday。 And the man idol status into account, has been reluctant to give his girlfriend birthright。
  Last year, artists from Taiwan and Tia Lee Roy Chiu due to rumored girlfriend dragged to distance themselves actually made a scapegoat, claiming the Tang Yan has never met seven months, suggesting that broke up that he is not cheating。 Netizens angrily human flesh, found lying Roy Chiu。 Tang Yan affectionate wrong to pay Ungrateful people, was seriously injured feelings, self-mutilation and even burst rumors。
  Comments: The secret love the entertainment is not news, but to distance themselves from the scandal nonsensical, it is really questionable conduct its。
So very Zaoxin slag boyfriend or ex-boyfriend as early as possible to let him into it!。