End-decade dream is off

I waited for you for ten years in Chang'an, ten years later, I finally met you, that I call the dream girl。Dream decade, overcast immortal flower, my dream, my youth。  As I was North South, to find you, I'm far behind, said goodbye to his parents, carry a luggage thick, came to this ancient and beautiful city—Xi'an。I never thought I would meet you。  In the ancient city of Xi'an, I always like a man quietly walking trail in the West after dusk, I like this old street, slate gray, pale blue sky, and this breeze blowing birch forest。I like the taste here, when you are approaching, long hair with a touch of sadness, from that moment, I had a crush on you, that I call the dream girl。  University for four years, I have enough time to travel in the youth in。I Youai Wen science, literature because I know you—Wang tea off。“Tea is tea boiled eggs, falling off a drowned rat。”This is a self-introduction when you recruit new club in the text。I drop the story and tea, it is from here。It has nothing to love, it is a dream。  My name is Helin Rui, normally always write text to see the novel, therefore, I grew up and they become attached to text。At the University of the text in the agency, somehow I will serve this club president's term of office files。I always used to think the way to deal with people around the text, and therefore, I also met a group of cute little partner, Wang is one of a drop of tea。  She is very special, like a quibble, like give me more trouble, but also like when I do not pay attention to pat me on the shoulder from behind。Of course, she is my girlfriend, we travel together, learn together, talk together and youthful dreams, of course, all this is just a four-year college。  I graduated, got a job in Xi'an, my king and tea off the tragedy, is from here。  On this day, under the snow。I came to the school to see the tea down, her face white card, I and warmed her hands, her back to the hostel。Snow thick on the steps, I stood on top of the tea looked down, I hugged her, I want to give her a warm little house。  I try to make money, I would like to Xi'an to buy a small part of our family, this is my dream。I left school, senior tea fall of that year, I worked hard for a year in the community, gradually, I encountered a lot of problems to face in life。My job slump, being blocked, I know, I was very far away from my dream。  A year later, the tea drop graduated, I'm glad, I thought she and I can work hard together, it turns out, she left me a long letter。“Xi'an snow, I hope you can take care of yourself, we are after all not a world of people。…”Therefore disappear in my world。I searched every corner of Xi'an, after all, no news of her。I'm back to reality from despair, with the only remaining trace of the idea to strive hard in the rush of the crowd。  Along the way, I met a lot of friends, but no close friends。I learned to drink, learned to smoke。I often a person in the middle of the night drinking drunk mess, go West on that trail, birch ago, I still remember when their dreams, their youth。  I worked for five years in Xi'an, because I can not afford to pay the rent while the East by the West Minato, spend the night at a friend's house。In my most difficult time, a girl named Muzi appear in my world。She encouraged me to take care of me when I was sick to see me。I was able to come today, all she gave me encouragement, there's is my tea down that read like a trace。  Muzi opened a flower shop, she let me go to celebrate her that day, I am very happy。I still remember this flower shop to buy flowers for tea off the scene, that was my first flowers。  Two years later, I worked hard from a small staff to the company manager, I realized that the more a fact of life, and the helplessness of youth。  This year, I am 29 years old, graduated seven years, I finally bought a small home in Xi'an。I came that I had spent four years of college, a former literary societies recruit new library back, mottled and are unable to show in my memory。I lay on the court looked at the night sky, seven years ago, you're on my side。Only now, but I'm only one person。  I took Muzi went to every place we've ever been, including every restaurant, every hotel。This is not the memory of my past, but my quest for dreams。  Ten years later, I Muzi has been with me, I want her to get married。I never imagined that, that I had left a trace of the girl read like tea off in my eyes。  She is still so beautiful, but only around one more man。He looks pretty good。She met me, we just smiled each other。At each other for a moment, then pass。  Tea tea down off the ah, thank you leave me。If you have not left me want to read this thread, I think, I would not have met Muzi, I do not know how to cherish。  Looking down over tea fairly happy, I read to my heart finally disappear。Decade, decade。I finally have a family, I took it home from parents, the wedding, she wore a white dress came up to me, I took her hand and said to dream of youth, I still remember, just my but more than a decade dream memories。  Flower Xiao promise you more exciting QQ543679624!