Female body cold and problems, so maintenance can be warm (1)

  Some natural health than cold: cold limbs, easy, particularly sensitive to climate cooler, pale than the average person, like to drink hot drinks, very little thirst, winter cold, summer heat。
Cold constitution mostly caused by acquired factors, cold living environment, hobbies, cold food, irritability or fatigue damage the body yang。
These are the cold side of the body to Frequently Asked Questions。
  1) who usually have cold, cold hands and feet of the case, so to eat high-energy food to warm-up, such as dates, peanuts, longan, walnuts。
  2) drink a small bowl of hot soup before meals, such as fish soup, hot and sour soup, a bowl of soup before meals can help you slowly accumulate in the body heat, to prevent。  3) Physical recommended twice daily bowl of mutton soup, lamb is hot food, drink mutton soup has a good long-term effect fend off the cold。One can do more mutton soup, drink every time you can heat a small bowl。
  4) red ginseng chicken soup, can be qi, fend off the cold, blood, so some sisters occasionally eat a red ginseng chicken soup is very nutritious。
  5) eat abalone。Chinese medicine tonic abalone can be nourishing beauty, it is the best tonic。
Tribute to the Queen's Hospital in the past too concubines their pills, unlike now when using honey to reconcile, but with abalone sauce。So you should always give yourself do abalone food。  In addition sisters to pay attention to eat cold food, such as crabs, watermelon, pears, pork, green beans, sugar, bitter gourd, even after heating, have to eat, Lescol and eat。
  Need to slowly conditioning, in addition to pay attention to in the diet, we should also keep warm, proper physical exercise, the use of hot water。  Prevention 1.Part of the reason is due to the cold of the goods caused by bulimia, can also be conditioned by diet。
On the one hand, such as eating more warm the house warm food, such as walnut, jujube, peanuts, onion, tomato, daily lunch or dinner, drink a glass of ginger tea, can take the initiative to resolve the cold body, long-term adherence is very good for conditioning winter palace ; on the other hand, eat cold food, such as mung bean, bitter gourd, bitter Melon, etc.。
  2.Pay attention to the uterus warm, especially in the lower body to be less cold, pay attention to the lower abdomen, waist and feet warm。。With particular attention to the feet warm, spring and summer not too early to expose your legs, premature wear short skirts, wearing a skirt, it is best to wear thick wool socks backing to cold from the foot of Health。
  3.During menstruation, postpartum, breast-feeding should be taken to avoid excessive exposure to cold, rain wading do not like menstruation, sitting and lying at the wet Sheng。
  4.Chinese medicine is "moving the Health and yang," he said that exercise can improve physical fitness, to ensure that half an hour of walking each day, can improve circulation。
More than usual with hot feet, plantar stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, the body in a warm state can also improve the state。