Men still drink less wine alcoholic prone to cause sperm abnormalities

Location: body of man or drink alcohol wine prone to cause abnormal sperm 2018-3-1511: 28: 24 Source: Introduction: drinking men often do, whether it is on socializing, relaxing or in leisure time, many men like a cup。
But often they drink only beverages, but also lead to infertility men…… 2, too old male sperm does not decrease with age or aging, and the density is higher, but activity will be significantly decreased momentum, immobile and abnormal sperm count increased by 20% sperm metabolism rate also fell, but also produce a lot of waste is metabolized。 From the male chromosome diseases have increased and the rate of genetic large, adverse effects on the offspring can be imagined。 3, the biggest victims of briefs briefs when pushed testicles。 Tight underwear abdomen close to the scrotum and fixed, testicular temperature regulation function greatly weakened, resulting in increased testicular temperature environment, hinder testicular germ。
Plus the blood supply is blocked, the sperm in the testicles will be ravaged, threatening fertility, so when you lose the right to his father's。
4, temperature obese men might have a negative impact on sperm production。 Normal human body temperature is around 37 ℃, sperm production and the optimal temperature lower than the normal temperature 2 ℃。
Obese men more fat, so their body temperature higher than normal。
High temperature scrotum, will directly affect testicular spermatogenesis, resulting in reduced sperm production。
Even if the number of sperm production is not affected, but the sperm quality after generation will also be affected。
Obesity can lead to diabetes or latent diabetes, the disease can also cause damage to sperm, and thus affect male fertility。 How to protect men fertility 1.Quit smoking, quitting smoking is one way to protect the fertility of men。
Study abroad because the information that smoking can increase DNA damage, increased sperm aneuploidy may cause testicular atrophy, you can make semen volume, concentration, motility and morphology and other indicators of abnormal, some foreign reproductive center in order to maintain its high success rate quit smoking at least 3 months even require the patient to enter IVF cycles before。