Korean people shouting "put Park Geun-hye!"Shop Stars and Stripes one place (FIG)

17, Suwon City held Taegeukgi rally overseas online March 18 17 pm local time on power, the conservative South Korean group members gathered in a park Gyeonggi Suwon, calling for the acquittal of former President Park Geun-hye, a huge Stars and Stripes paving exceptionally brisk。
Organizers said 10,000 people participated in the rally Taegeukgi。 According to reports, it sent more than 800 local police to maintain order at the scene。
No casualties occurred the same day, but the police during more than friction。
17, Suwon City, South Korea held rallies Taegeukgi "Gyeongin Journal," said the rally acquitted by a large Han Aiguo party headquarters and thousands of people organizations launched。
It reported that the organizers deliberately chose to hold local elections before the rally was to unite conservative forces。
It is reported that South Korea will be held June 13 conducted a nationwide local elections, when representatives of the regional administration will produce。
17, Suwon City held rallies Taegeukgi According to reports, before 14:00 the rally started, the participants also held mass celebrations。 15:30 After the rally ended, a shift to street parade。   Why Park Geun-hye called for the release of the rally will appear in the American flag?Earlier, the South Korean news agency quoted Niuxi Si Kyung Hee University professor Li Zeguang saying, conservative people involved in the rally, the flag and the Stars and Stripes handheld Tai Chi is not much difference, is the guardian of a national symbol, because it is in the Korean War America saved the Republic of Korea, the United States similar to South Korea's savior, the Cold War mentality has been etched in the minds of the people conserved。
  Park Geun-hye arrested since the end of March last year, he has been held in detention。
In early April, South Korea, Park Geun-hye will court interference in domestic affairs door-related cases verdicts, which brought the prosecution and sentenced to 30 years in prison。
(Overseas Network Liu Qiang)。