Guangxi and Guizhou and other places locally heavy rain in central Beijing, Tianjin and have mild to moderate haze

National precipitation forecast map (25 March 08 –26, 08) reported that yesterday, southeastern Qinghai, northwestern Sichuan, some areas snow, rain or sleet 1?4 mm; northern Xinjiang drop light rain, moderate rain drop Heights (mm); the eastern part of Sichuan Province, southwestern Hubei, Hunan, north-central, southwestern Guizhou and other places in parts of moderate to heavy rain。
  This morning, southern Sichuan Basin, eastern Guizhou, Hunan, western and eastern, northern Guangxi and Jiangsu and other places in parts of fog visibility less than 1000 m。   Central Meteorological Observatory predicted 25?26, the eastern part of southwest China, most Jiangnan, western South China and other places there will be light to moderate rain, which the north-central Guangxi, southwestern Guizhou and other places locally heavy rain, these areas local and accompanied by strong thunderstorms and short precipitation and other convective weather。
27 onwards, Southwest Southeast, Jianghan, southern, central and western South China and other places will usher in a moderate to heavy rain process。 In addition, 25?26, northern Xinjiang Altay mountain local to Blizzard。
  In addition, 26 to 28 at night to the morning period, poor atmospheric conditions Jingjinji central diffusion region, mild to moderate haze, local heavy haze, daytime vertical diffusion conditions improve, mainly mild haze。 28 affected by cold air, atmospheric dispersion conditions turn for the better, gradually weakened haze dissipated。
Also next week, parts of the southern basin of Xinjiang, west of Gansu, western Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and other places of more than blowing sand or dust weather。   Future specific predictions: March 25, 08 am to 08 pm on the 26th, some areas of the mountains of northern Xinjiang, southeastern Qinghai, Tibet, southeast and southwest, western Sichuan Plateau with light snow or sleet, in the mountains of northern Xinjiang to heavy snow, local blizzard。
Southeastern Tibet, western Sichuan Basin, eastern Yunnan, southern Guizhou, southern, western and central South China and other places with small to moderate rain, Guangxi local heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms and convective weather short-term heavy rainfall, etc.。 Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula, central and western Inner Mongolia and other places have 4?Category 5; southern Xinjiang basin, Gansu partial blowing sand or dust weather。
Most of the Yellow Sea fog visibility less than 1 km。   26 May 0800 to 27 March 0800, parts of northern Xinjiang, eastern and southern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and other places have snow or sleet in some areas where, Altay region, northeastern Tibet, western Sichuan and other places in southern highlands there are moderate to heavy snow, local snow; southeastern Tibet, southeastern Southwest, south east, north-west and south China, east Shanxi, Shandong and other places in central and southern light to moderate rain, local heavy rain, accompanied by the local and regional short-term heavy rainfall and thunderstorms and other severe convective weather。 Eastern Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, northeast China and other places there are 4 south?Class 6 wind。 In parts of the western Inner Mongolia, blowing sand or dust weather。
Most of the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea to the northwest of fog, visibility less than 1 km。