Do not forget loss

First, Mo lost not forget there is a town called Ganyu in the yellow sea in eastern China。Ganyu this town is not a place, but due to the blessing of God, there Ganyu mountains, water, sea, Ganyu rich products, old times。  Ganyu property very rich, very natural Ganyu people eat will eat will produce a lot of food goods。  I just Ganyu local native people, I also like to eat delicious things to eat Ganyu seafood, mountain products, native farm。…. 。 Eat can cultivate character, but also to experience the good life, that's what I thought。  Only full, in order to stay in school work, this is a very basic principle。  Ganyu more famous is to eat right and eat goods, Ganyu county mussels is it so big point, there are so many restaurants, at least tens of thousands, really lament。    For a while, we heard a family restaurant in Northeast North Station Ganyu beef offal and so very positive taste。  Some friends and I decided to go try。  We went to the nearby North Station Ganyu later, she saw a restaurant there, hanging on a door“Tang Hing beef shop”The numbers。  Feeling quite elaborate facade dress, elegant facade colors look bright, it should be authentic Northeast beef brand。  Few of us sat down, ordered some dishes, they toast each other up。  Serving girl claiming“Miss Tang Jia six”, The finished dish will be there looking at us blankly, her large eyes, very clear, very tall, her figure, she said the name of the dish, are some elegant seem archaic in the text, have a "Mo lost not forget", "Peach Bottom," "Legend of what love," "Happy sigh"……., According to her six Miss Tang this argument, then I should be the city of Zhu Yu Lang。    She has a very nice, tall, tale, nose, lips red, Liu Yifei, that there is a visual sense, she more than Liu Yifei come true, and I thought。  She would serve side, while listening to where we gesturing martial arts style, what I said Ganyu Tangmen, the world Gan help, Suoyao, Xu Changqing, and so on, and so on fantasy antiquity Wu Xuedian it, I'm sure slightly better she raised。  I did not think she is very insightful for the martial arts fantasy, but also asked me a number, swordfight with me online。    “You are so big?The genus X?”  “Right ah, I'm older than you are 8 years old”“Teller said I told you so people can talk comes together”She said, I was already carrying the label of older teens, I thought this conversation if the name of the successful lift。  “That teller said I have no romantic encounters ah?”  So I came back and she was in an online chat up。  She really did not take me as an outsider, what would I say and are willing to。    When it comes to martial arts, I say you believe in the future there will be a white paladin marching Feijian, you do save?  Like "Legend" in the world, a white paladin, marching Feijian from, who you are fluttering white girl, Chunhongchibai, he sees you, let him forget the reality, he was marching to fly sword only to find you a man。  She did so good there too long, her white skin, big eyes, black hair, look just like a Kudat Meirenpeizi。    Second, Chat north summer day, she and I talk quite speculative。We talked and talked, and she talked to over。  The book says that if a girl talk about ideals, it must be the feeling of love。  I feel that day just friendship category, and I also by the opportunity to promote some of my outlook on life only, which can be considered a happy thing in life。Ha ha。  I even told her say over the color, I said that I have seen in one place long, bright sunshine and simple life。  In college freshman school, college life I feel really beautiful, and when traveling in Zhouzhuang, feelings and love with the feeling of life is really beautiful, I once felt the ideal taste, simple life, simple bright sunshine, is the ideal color。    I said to those details might not be worth the love。  What, for example, she wrote to tell him tonight is the color of the sea。Hamburger and someone bought the afternoon to eat together。  This love is also cherished it, but now materialistic, very difficult to have such a love details, so, I hope you stick from the bottom of my heart, adhere to the kind of simple details, simply moved, do not hurt so simple love。  Long time no talk to a girl that the ideal, detail, color。    I said“Encountered a man is not easy to like。I would love to go and year after year。”  The reason is simple, too rare, too good mood and love。  I said that my ideal is freedom。Can live in freedom, freedom to write something, feel free to live life。  There she grow up faster。Some day my realm of thought par。So in order to listen to understand I say the truth。  She seems not able to understand, after all, she is still small。  I got more familiar with, she said she would me as her secret diary, and I would say her secret, her diary she and I have seen。    But after three months, she said she had to go to the Northeast。  Her family's restaurant because the rent contract issues, and landlord lawsuit。  She told me that she was going back to the northeast, and rarely come up Ganyu。  I have not had time to send sending her to see her again。    Later, the chick in the summer to go moldy north。  Before leaving the Internet also told me, she said she would help me as her chatterbox, there is a secret I will tell。Ha ha。  She went to the north, the specific location is the most north northeast around。  Where her home。She island。Her big fish。Her farm。These are the photos she sent to me to see。  I liked those pictures of her hair, there are islands, fish, farm above, there is her happy mood。  In addition chick has been this way, features pretty long, big eyes, high nose, red lips, white skin, Liu Yifei feel her like this, makes me think of a verse,”North has beauty“, The poem as a whole is this”North has beauty, ingenious and independent。A topple the men of the city, and then topple the men of the country。Allure and dumping country rather not know?Beautiful woman finds it difficult to get!“  She left, went to the north, in addition to tourism have been to Shanxi, I really have not been to other places and would like to be able to go and look north, and those islands fish farm。  Chick over there all right, moldy this summer, and what busy,    。。。。  That musty summer, she walked, went to the Northeast。  North of the summer, about a cut, a little musty smell of the story, and I think there are older teens and chick story, and you can not talk about ideals, about Hamburger, beef and talk about martial arts style, in summer North, not to have stage。