Fingerprint recognition patent granted or to aid facial recognition under the apple screen means

Before iPhone8 and iPhoneX conference, many people speculated that Apple will use in full-screen mode screen under the age of fingerprinting to solve a growing proportion of the screen and entities accounted for fingerprint recognition module contradiction between the positions。 However, Apple has completely abandoned the fingerprint identification, using the facial recognition FaceID alternative。 Apple uses FaceID on iPhoneX give up TouchID, which will lead to many manufacturers follow。
However, fingerprint recognition yet completely out of the stage of history?Perhaps the truth is not the case。 Apple has the patent application finally passed in mid-2015, this patented fingerprint identification can be achieved on the OLED screen, and can be anywhere, rather than being fixed at a certain point。
This is the original idea of the perfect solution to guess at the screen fingerprint recognition program。
In fact, fingerprint recognition coupled with facial recognition on Samsung's flagship phone already has seen a more secure program also gives users different needs of different options。
Accustomed to the fingerprint identification of users, if Apple continues to grow under the screen fingerprint identification on subsequent models would not be surprising。
Especially Apple's FaceID on the recognition rate still defects, but also a lot of users is to find ways to "cheat" to unlock。 However, the Face Unlock is a general trend, Apple has invested enormous energy developed FaceID will certainly keep improving, it is also possible Apple really be totally abandon fingerprint to unlock and improve the experience, maybe, oh Many users other than habit, not I will again miss fingerprint to unlock。