Depth to carry soldiers and civilians blend of styles will become private enterprises to accelerate profit sharing constitutes

Yonggang left Moderator: With the implementation of policies have been put at all levels, China's development of military and civilian integration has emerged in the overall advancement of the good momentum of accelerated development of key areas of military and civilian integration development pattern has taken shape, many provinces and cities have set up a civil-military integration industry funds or investment funds。  Recently, the news about civil-military integration across one after another。Such as Chongqing Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. will set up a 1 billion yuan in Chongqing civil-military integration venture capital fund to help military and civilian integration of capital; China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. founded China's first civil-military integration of hydrogen energy engineering technology research center, in order to promote aerospace hydrogen technology military and civilian integration。We can see that the current domestic civil-military integration is accelerating the formation depth development pattern。  China Enterprise Confederation Research Fellow Liu Guo – xing accept the "Securities Daily" reporters, he said that at present vigorously promote civil-military integration, on the one hand to promote safety in the field of military and civilian two mutual diffusion of advanced technologies in order to better play technology spillover effect reduce duplication of investment in technology research and development; the other is to provide more space for development of private capital and stimulate private capital in close cooperation with the defense industry enterprises, promote private investment growth。  Since the party's eighteen, our army and people have shown a convergence of overall progress, accelerate the development of the good momentum。SASTIND Chief Engineer Long Hongshan previously introduced civil-military integration development pattern has taken shape in key areas, particularly in the field of weapons and equipment research and production, and actively absorb the whole social advantages of resources。Currently, obtaining weapons and equipment research and production licenses of enterprises, private enterprises accounted for more than two-thirds of the total number, in which the advantages of private enterprises accounted for nearly half; "people to join the army" corporate areas and levels also undertake the task of expanding, some private companies have begun to bear the overall mission and subsystems, some private enterprises have gradually play an important role in key areas of cutting-edge micro technology, nanotechnology and other unmanned systems and micro。  But it is undeniable that some of the structural problems still exist。Liu Guo – xing pointed out that these structural problems, both private capital wants to participate in national defense and military fields but strength in technology and confidentiality requirements difficult to meet the needs of military areas and other issues, but also want to spread to the civilian defense technology areas but not necessarily be able to effectively meet consumer demand and other issues。  Liu Guo – xing recommendations from the defense industry field of view, priority should be given to private lower open secret capital and the extent of civilian products and have the same or similar technical basis and standards of the field; civilian areas from the point of view, the defense sector should give priority to exploring non-core, non-critical and in civilian areas do have a wide range of needs of technology commercialization spread to civilian areas。  Overall, the moment in the context of civil-military integration depth development of private enterprises will undoubtedly be better able to share this dividend。Liu Guo – xing believes that the private enterprises, on the one hand can broaden the market space, adding new business and development opportunities to help companies accelerate development。On the other hand it will also help private enterprises in the process of cooperation with the military enterprises, to better improve the quality awareness, strengthen production management, and thus enhance the corporate image。  Related reports