Italy continues to ferment underground taxi incident damaged the reputation of the whole Chinese

BEIJING, March 21 Xinhua News Agency reported that the European Union, Italy Chinese underground taxi (commonly known as: the black car) after the incident was exposed to local media, the police series attracted a large check for the Chinese "black car"。 Some local media is in trouble, four recruit Chinese "black car" information, in order to attract audience。
Some media incites hire ignorant young Chinese dressed passengers, to create "black car" event。 Which led to the Chinese "black car" event continues to ferment, causing local rental industry and the Chinese escalating the conflict, even a scuffle event。
According to reports, the last two weeks, Milan, Italy, held the driver and Uber driver NCC rental license, spontaneous composition "pickets", Chinese tourists picket in concentrated areas of airports, hotels and so on, waiting for an opportunity to suspect them of "black car" posted "black car" label, in order to drive the vehicle away from the Chinese。
This is not only a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese people, but also directly harm the overall reputation and image of the Chinese community。
Local time on March 19 morning, pickets quarrel in the Chinese Milan Malpensa International Airport and pick-up, the two sides or even physical conflict, leading to police intervention。
At present, the Chinese people in Italy "black car" incident is still under continuous fermentation, "Wong chartered" rent software, Chinese "black car" APP, the Chinese "Secretary guide," and so on, where the Chinese "black car" about social software, the Internet platform, has now Italy has become a hot word, the popular social concern。 Now, Italy rental industry accused the Chinese grab their jobs, some of the TV reporters waiting at the airport to grab, often see Chinese people came to the airport to meet, always went closer sleuthing, as if Chinese living in Italy, all by "black car" life。
It reported that the Italian media and some excesses rental industry, has trampled on the bottom line of the law。
That Italians laugh, and now the Chinese to the airport, marina, hotel pick up guests should first go and bring the government to handle relations with the pick of the guests prove otherwise little attention, it will be regarded as "black car" driver was to teasing, Nanbian。 Local time on March 20, reporter, accompanied by Chinese friends returned to Rome from Sicily。 As the plane was delayed until early morning party aircraft arrived 达罗马菲乌 Miqi Nuo Airport。
Out of the airport, more than ten or more Italians and other ethnic immigrants "black car" driver tried to ask whether need a taxi。 However, we did not find Rome Airport Chinese "black car" to attract business。
Italy "black car" phenomenon a long time, is not the first Chinese。
Just Chinese tourists has become an important tourist industry in Italy for rent。 Italy rental industry to prove safety of Chinese "black car", was simply trying to market only exclusive Chinese tourists。 (Boyuan) Editor: Xu snow。