Chinese New Year Chinese tourists still do not come close to Korean media: South Korea circulation anxious

February 4 reported Korean media said, there is more than one week from the time of the Chinese New Year, but the warming relations between the two countries to signal end of last year, China has not been large-scale group tourists into Korea, the Korean distribution industry are deeply worry。
According to South Korea, "Asian Economy" website published January 31, entitled "Spring Festival approaching Chinese tourists or not the Korean distribution industry anxious!"The report said, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization 30 news, during the Spring Festival (February 15-21) or Chinese tourists to Korea to 80,000 people, compared with last year reduced by 45 million ?out。
It reported that, although the Korean distribution industry such as Spring Festival in previous years, the general marketing strategy to be implemented, but by the tourists reduce the impact of industry on the overall market is not optimistic about the market this year。
A duty-free shop, sources said, will be in February each year to meet the Chinese New Year holidays, to carry out a variety of discounts and other promotions, but this year will not determine how many visitors during this visit to South Korea, is currently purchasing duty-free shopping, mostly business they will not be severely affected and promotional activities, sales during the Spring Festival and therefore have much to improve still unknown。
It reported that the reduction of group tourists make the Korean distribution industry will be marketed to individual visitors at China。 Foreign tourists accounted for 28% of sales of about Lotte Mart Seoul Station store, you can see Chinese Products, sanitary napkins, shampoo and other popular tourist favorite Chinese goods are placed in a very prominent position, easy to buy part shops also carry out special promotions for Chinese tourists, who buy more than 50,000 won can enjoy 5000 won concessions。