Minsheng Securities Research Institute of Earthquake: Qiu Xiaohua announced departure of four successive away ace

  Well-known economist Qiu Xiaohua today (March 12) said it would retire Minsheng Securities chief economist post。
Qiu Xiaohua in micro-Bo said to have been more than five years, chief economist at Minsheng Securities as。
Today it attains six decades, to a time to say goodbye。 For the next destination, Qiu Xiaohua told Reuters, "the first back to Asia Standard Group, a break。
"According to media reports, livelihood security relevant responsible person said, after leaving Qiu Xiaohua, chief economist at the current position Write a successor candidate。
  It is reported that in August 2012, Qiu Xiaohua began to join Minsheng Securities chief economist。
Public information, Qiu Xiaohua has studied at Xiamen University and Beijing Normal University, received a doctorate in economics。 Mid-1996 to mid-1997 as a senior visiting scholar in the Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, in 1999 became deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics, in March 2006 was appointed Director of the National Bureau of Statistics。 In June 2008, Qiu went to CNOOC Energy Economy Research Institute chief economist。
  It is noteworthy that, before the resignation Qiu Xiaohua, in December 2017, the tube Kiyotomo president of Minsheng Securities Research Institute, Vice President announced that had left from Minsheng Securities in microblogging, open personal independence to build a think tank platform and investment platform of "business" now, he is dean of the case Institute of Finance, chief economist。   Friends of pipe clear acceptance "brokerage China," said in an interview had to leave Minsheng Securities: "In the past brokers seller Institute is doing research, brokerage services trade sector, that is, we often say that the secondary market for many years I spent in the seller , deeply feel the market has been a serious surplus。
"In addition, there have left the Institute chief macroeconomic analyst at Minsheng Securities Zhuzhen Xin, chief strategist Li Shaojun。
Earlier this year, Zhu Zhenxin formally co-founder, who is joining the case of Financial Research, microblogging is currently its introduction: the case of Principal Investigator Institute of Finance, Chief Executive Officer。
Li Shaojun then served as chief strategist。
  Minsheng Securities during the recent management changes by the end of 2016, the Commission has a background in the crane Feng Minsheng Securities officially took office as chairman and chief legal representative。
  On the eve of National Day in mid-2017, just after the departure Su Minsheng Securities president, Zhou souvenir former president was officially appointed as president of Minsheng Securities, member of the Executive Committee, presided over the daily management of Minsheng Securities。
  "Brokerage China" reported that the transformation of Minsheng Securities, is to build one "financial holding empire" important work "Asia Standard system" Master Lu Zhiqiang past two years。
Asia Standard will promote the livelihood security system or a separate listing。
  Insiders analysis, Zhou full performance of their duties the fifth year of Central China Securities, Central China Securities to complete the Hong Kong stock market, followed by about a year and a half, Central China Securities achieve A-share listed。
Zhou souvenir promote listed companies with a wealth of experience, a lot of resources, and history practitioners dressed, has headquarters in China, the Central Financial Work Committee (the predecessor of China Banking Regulatory Commission), China Securities Regulatory Commission office, the Henan provincial government has also introduced a high-end from the Commission talent, in promoting the listing of experienced resources, which for Minsheng Securities sprint IPO great benefit。
  In April 2002, Asia Standard Group became the controlling shareholder of Minsheng Securities。
It is understood that the end of 2014, Minsheng Securities developed the next three years (2015–2017 year after year) after capital replenishment plan to increase their investment, net issuance of long-term subordinated debt to increase capital, had planned mid-sprint IPO in 2016 or 2017。   However, as of now, Minsheng Securities IPO plan is still advancing, but has not yet entered the market counseling period, and the executive team to re-adjust, the main business lines of the reconstruction has been completed。   Daily comprehensive news Sina Finance, China and other brokerage reports and public information。