China Huarong Lai Xiaomin, chairman of the Lok Ma: once said, "I have fattened the company lost"

April 17, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection State JISC website news, China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. (China Huarong, 02799.HK) party secretary, Lai Xiaomin, chairman of individuals suspected of serious violation of law, currently under disciplinary review and monitor the investigation。  The central bank-turned-bad bank head "I participated in the work of 33 years (Editor's note: should be 34 years), and we have not left the Financial Street, the People's Bank for 20 years, the CBRC six years, the China Huarong office is also fast 9 years, 30 years and turn to turn out no financial Street, so I myself personally witnessed the development of China's financial, China's financial industry development Beijing, financial Street construction and development, huge achievements of financial Street also have feelings, "Lai Xiaomin in 2017 China financial Forum this year's annual meeting of January 25 has been the subject expressed above。  Lai Xiaomin is Ruijin, Jiangxi Province, was born in July 1962, now age 55。Communist Party members, Party School graduate, senior economist。1983 worked for People's Bank of China, respectively, served as Deputy Director, Director, Division Director of Division II program funds the bank, Deputy Director of the Credit Management Division, Deputy Director, Division II regulatory capital of the central plan funds Division。The occasion of the formation of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, as banking supervision in 2003, two deputy director-level cadres, as well as preparations for the Beijing Office Team Leader。September of that year, he served as Director of Beijing Office, party secretary。2 years later, in December 2005, was transferred to the General Office of China Banking Regulatory Commission (Party Committee Office) director, when he was Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission Liu Mingkang。  January 2009, Huarong Asset Management Corporation Lai Xiaomin he was appointed deputy party secretary, president,。This official at the helm of China's largest banks are in bad debts after three years。Since September 2012, Huarong Lai Xiaomin he was appointed party secretary, chairman of the board。  Lai Xiaomin is how to evaluate their own at this years Huarong of it?  In 2016, China Huarong earnings call, Lai Xiaomin once joked: "I came to the company for eight years lost 20 pounds, the company fattened, but I lost。"When 2009 arrived in China Huarong Lai Xiaomin, the company's net assets of only 15.6 billion yuan, and by mid-2017, China Huarong net assets had reached 182.6 billion yuan。  "Tiandeliangxin, which more than eight years, we earned 11 Huarong, there was no increase in the national capital, thanks to the capital, thanks to profits to make money, increase capital, truly state-owned assets to maximize increase the value of state-owned capital continually stronger, doing good, bigger, "Lai Xiaomin had said in public,。  But in January the public, he also said that a huge potential risk of bad debts: "Huarong was established when the 1999 October 19, when the country to cope with the Asian financial crisis, the bank bailout of financial regulation in order to take a great initiative, and that when dealing with the 1.4 trillion of bad assets, the entire process is over now, and now produces 1.67 trillion of non-performing assets, which is a significant potential risks。"In China Huarong 2017 performance report at the meeting held in Hong Kong, Lai Xiaomin at the scene said, Huarong is the only application for A-share listed asset management company, is a return to A-share listed Huarong stated goal of 2018。  In addition, Lai Xiaomin in the last interim results conference, said China Huarong for the whole group A-share listed Listed or spin-off, out of strategic considerations。The company's strategy is to return the entire group A-share listed to achieve A + H。After another split its securities, banking, leasing and other services a family on the market。  Checked five days ago, at a public event Lai Xiaomin last public appearance on by the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Federation of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in China jointly sponsored by CCPIT April 12 of "all the way along the" Trade and Investment Forum, which is open investigation 5 days ago。Lai Xiaomin said at the meeting, along the line "along the way" requires a lot of investment, as large as hundreds of thousands of yuan, a lot of investment in this process, it is not enough to rely solely on the government, how to mobilize policy banks, commercial banks and private capital?How to create and use more funds, stocks, bonds, derivatives and other financial products?Lai Xiaomin think, especially in the "going out" process, must take these think clearly。  Lai Xiaomin or second session of National People's Congress。His proposal is more famous during the last two sessions, he recommended that "Chinese New Year statutory holidays will be extended from seven days to 15 days, that is, until New Year's Eve holidays by the Lantern Festival"。In his view, the Spring Festival holiday seven days round-trip time to run around to remove the actual holiday is very short, especially for home in the field, the distance of the office workers, the Spring Festival holiday utmost insufficient, leading to a lot of people can not feel the atmosphere of traditional culture as well as with family warm reunion。Meanwhile, the Chinese New Year holiday is universal consumption of basic necessities of life can increase consumption, active economy。  Wang Baoan testified in bribery case is noteworthy that this year, Chinese net public judgment document "Ma Yonggang criminal bribery first instance verdict," the disclosure, for their own businesses to enter the central enterprises China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huarong company ) list of strategic investors, Beijing businessman Ma Yonggang, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance when asked Wang Baoan referral Huarong chairman。In Wang Baoan referral, the merchant got his wish to see the Huarong, chairman (ie, Lai Xiaomin)。  August 26, 2016, Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the National Bureau of the former party secretary Wang Baoan a "double open" Bulletin。  The above disclosure first instance verdict in a criminal testimony Huarong, chairman of Lai said that in 2014 Huarong company to strategic investors worldwide open recruitment, referral by Wang Baoan during its meeting with Ma Yonggang and others; Ma Yonggang expressed the hope that Beijing benefits of a company Huarong lead alone participate in the war, but Beijing benefits of a company's qualifications and reasons for the brand, which did not agree。  In addition, the above disclosure is the first instance verdict in the criminal two notes show that 7 strategic investors to increase their investment in 2014 Huarong company introduced does not include the benefits of a Beijing company。Ministry of Finance is responsible for the development of systems and measures Huarong company's asset disposal, taxation and property management, and Huarong, after the restructuring, holders of 63.36% stake, is the largest shareholder of the company Huarong。