Billboard Interpretation: The six agencies to buy shares of a hot money 1.800 million to buy industrial USI

June 13, A shares sluggish performance, and Shenzhen stock index both opened lower, a day to maintain low volatility, late diving was down over 1%。At the close, down 0.97%, to close at 3049.8; down 1.49%, close 10161.15:00; 1 drop.57%, to close at 1685.89 points。The disk, the industry sector fell almost across the board, the lack of market focus, healthcare, Internet, nonferrous metals, medicine and other plate decreases。  1, Tianfeng Securities in Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center main selling Jinzhou Cihang word limit opening day the stock hit bottom, many times re-open in early board, but the intensity was very weak, around 10:40 sealed the daily limit。Data show that net purchases of aspects, Southwest Securities bought 63.8 million Henan Branch, China Galaxy Hangzhou Qingchun Road to buy 58.3 million, CITIC Securities (Shandong), Dongying north all the way to buy 56.2 million, Shenwan Hong source Shanghai Lujiazui Ring buy 15.7 million, on South Road, Shanghai, China Galaxy to buy 23.2 million。Net selling aspect, Tianfeng Securities in Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center 1 sell.2.4 billion, Essence Securities sold 60.5 million Shanghai Lujiazui Road, Dongxing Securities Xuejun Fuzhou Road sold 47.3 million, Minmetals securities sold 42.8 million Yueyang Youth Road, Shenzhen Branch Huaxin Securities sold 35.1 million。Which China Galaxy Qingchun Road, Hangzhou, and other famous hot money involved in stock。  2, Everbright Securities in Shenzhen Jin Tian Road, the main stock buy Tommaso Padoa-car limit limit the opening day, opening it to open the daily limit, after repeatedly open daily limit, but still the daily limit to close。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, Everbright Securities in Shenzhen Jin Tian Road, buying 48.5 million, Zhejiang Securities Shaoxing Branch to buy 32.9 million, Jiangsu Road, Shanghai Guotai Junan bought 30.2 million, Guosheng Securities Ningbo Sang Tin buy 27.2 million , another purchase amount less than 10 million。Net selling, China sold 24.2 million Galaxy Shaoxing, institutions sold 18.2 million, Huatai Securities Guangzhou Yuncheng Road, sold 17.6 million, less than the amount of another sell millions, but in reality there is a net buying。Guotai Junan Jiangsu Road, Shanghai and other well-known hot money involved in stock。  3, the China Investment Global Center, Hangzhou Jie Jie micro-electro-limit buy the stock today opened higher, around 10:00 sealed trading board。Billboard data shows that net purchases of respect, in Hangzhou, China Investment Global Center to buy 41.2 million, in addition to four purchase amount less than 10 million。Net selling terms, selling five of the amount sold was less than 10 million。  4, Hai Tong Securities Hangzhou Jiefang Road, the main industrial Farrington buy the stock rose markedly higher that day, dropping a rapid opening and turned green, and soon pulled back quickly, after a while to maintain a narrow range in the afternoon will be a significant move up opening thereafter remain high and volatile, closing up 7.twenty one%。Billboard data shows, buying terms, Hai Tong Securities Hangzhou Jiefang buy 1.800 million, the Guangxi branch of Ping An Securities to buy 1.2.6 billion, CICC Shanghai Lake Road to buy 1.2.3 billion, Founder Securities Beijing Andingmen Street to buy 1.2.1 billion, Guotai Junan Shennan Road, Shenzhen, Beijing-based one hundred to buy 1.1.3 billion。Sell aspect, they are sold five institutions together to sell 6.6.1 billion。  The same day, the agencies involved in Billboard stocks involving a total of 19 stocks, of which six were net buyers of stocks agency, Qingdao Jin Wang is buying most, 2131.990,000 yuan。Another 13 institutions were net sellers of stocks, industrial USI is the most sold for 66064.010,000 yuan。