A cattle scattered dominate the stock "three palace" fined 1.2 billion yuan the whole routine is here

March 10, the Commission announced that the recently worked closely with the SFC, decisive attack, Tang Hanbo quickly dealt with a case of cross-border manipulate Commodity City, and Tang Hanbo, Tang Yuanzi market manipulation case, a few days ago, the Commission formally an administrative penalty We decided that the two cases fines total more than 1.2 billion yuan。  The Commission issued said, once verified, cross-border manipulation in Tang Hanbo "Commodity City" case, the trader Wangtao Li Tang Hanbo and Hong Kong with three accounts and a mainland accounts, use of capital, through false declarations, intraday lift, for down and other techniques, through the underlying stock on the Shanghai stock Commodity City, the implementation of manipulation, illegal profits of more than 4188 yuan。In Tanghan Bo, Tang Yuanzai and other market manipulation case, Tang Hanbo and trader Yuan Hailin, Yuan Chao, Tang Yuan Qi Deng manipulation "Flush", "GCI Science & Technology", Tang Yuanzai manipulation "GF Securities," Tang Hanbo, Tang Yuanzi and other common control "New hope "and" Bo Yun new material ', involving manipulation of illegal profits totaling approximately 2.500 million yuan。The Commission has made a top grid according to severity and administrative penalties for the parties involved, two cases fines total more than 1.2 billion。  Tang Hanbo cross-border manipulation "Commodity City" market manipulation case is the first cross-border case "Shanghai and Hong Kong through" two years of investigation。And this is the third time the Commission of Tang Hanbo be the top grid penalty, the SFC website, May 27, 2014 and mid-2015 September 25, the SFC issued the administrative penalty decision of the Tang Hanbo book。  September 2015, the Commission disclosed that Tang Hanbo control 12 accounts, use of funds, stocks, continuous trading, false purchase and other ways to manipulate "Ingenious" (now renamed * ST-en-carbon) stock price, profit 252.890,000 yuan。SFC confiscate the illegal income 252.890,000 yuan, in addition to a 1264.450,000 yuan fine。  May 2014, the Commission disclosed that Tang Hanbo control nine accounts take a false declaration in 2012 between February 27 to March 2 date, transactions between their actual control of accounts, etc. affect the securities trading volume Huazishiye and price, the actual profit 649.400,000 yuan。Commission out of the confiscation of illegal income 649.40 million, and impose a fine of five times, namely 3247.020,000 yuan, a total of 3896 Forfeiture.430,000 yuan。  What is surprising is that often manipulate stock prices, the Commission repeated heavy penalties, Tang Hanbo exactly why so bold?  Tang Hanbo is the story behind?  According to information published by the SFC, the parties Tang Hanbo, male, born in December 1973, present address is located in Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province。When in September 2015 Tang Hanbo be punished, their address Dongcheng District of Beijing。  Tang Hanbo is the rise in mid-2006 bull market in。He worked in the United States city of Shenzhen Investment securities ,, office and experienced practitioners。Allegedly, Tang Hanbo originally as an investment manager at United Securities in 2006 – – 2007 bull market, with financial leverage and other measures to make a small fortune。  March 8, 2006, during the Shenzhen State-serving, Tang Hanbo has been published in the media article entitled "rather miss, not wrong," the article。Paper, Tang from analysis to the fundamentals of listed companies, from discussing investment ideas, you can see, Tang Hanbo have a solid research foundation。However, compared to the road has been repeatedly administrative penalty SFC Tang Hanbo later took the title of this article implies there is a bit of irony。  This had warned investors "would rather miss。Do not mistake "super cow loose, but now has become the capital market recidivist。  Outside the transaction, Tang Hanbo team are also increasingly strict organizational system, escalating。The core team includes key members of its brother Tang Yuanzai Tang Hanbo, its uncle Yuan Hailin, but also its alumni Hu Jie。  According to information published by the Commission in 1978, Tang Yuanzi January birth, address in Nanjing Qinhuai District, Kowloon Park Saatchi 4, Tang Hanbo's younger brother; Yuan Hailin is born in February 1974, address as Yantian District, Shenzhen, Tang Hanbo uncle; Tang Yuan Qi was born in April 1982, to address Hunan Yuelu District, Tang Hanbo cousin; Yuan Chao was born in August 1989, address as Hunan Yuelu District, Tang Hanbo cousin; Hu Jie is born in mid-July 1974, address to Jiangning District。  As a veteran stock market, Tang Hanbo in the illegal operation, very cautious。Tang Hanbo every sniper in the stock market, will deliberately choose the hotel, the use of public networks action in an attempt to avoid tracking regulators。Meanwhile, Tang Hanbo funds through multiple personal accounts into the market, the formation of a group account。For example in 2012 Tanghan Bo Huazishiye manipulated, using a natural account 9, 2014 in Ingenious manipulation by individuals accounts 12。  Since then, Tang Hanbo organizational and operational start the upgrade, the core team members scattered around the country to trade more by the core team members to come forward trading, was so choose, it is to avoid the sight of inspectors of the Commission, with no relatives association the man's account, distributed in the country, which is equivalent to split up large sums of money, disguised as a natural retail transactions。  In the case of manipulation through the use of Hong Kong and Shanghai Commodity City, the Tang Hanbo has been based in Hong Kong, the use of overseas accounts back to the A-share trading。We chose to Hong Kong, because the Commission is in regular supervision retrieval of data from the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange data system is independent of the system, so the business in Hong Kong, to a greater extent, to avoid the attention of the Commission。  Not afraid of death of men: three styles are similar to stock market manipulation in the process of manipulating the stock market three times in the Tang Hanbo, which are also very obvious, is generally divided into three stages。First, focus on continuous trading, second, a large number of reverse transactions and on the back transactions, inflated securities turnover。Third, false declaration withdrawals, induce investors to follow suit。  Last: manipulation Commodity City March 10, the SFC to disclose 2016 February 4 to June 23, Tang Hanbo group of accounts in the 56 trading days in total purchase transactions 4 Commodity City, during the.60 shares, turnover 33.8.9 billion yuan, the average transaction price 7.36 yuan, sold a total of 4.6 billion shares, turnover 34.3.8 billion yuan, the average transaction price 7.47 yuan, to the end of the period it demonstrated shares, a total of 4188 profit.420,000 yuan。Commodity City's case, the confiscation of illegal earnings manipulation involved Tang Hanbo 4188.420,000 yuan, and impose a 2.A fine of 0.9 billion yuan to Wang Tao fined 600,000 yuan。  Let us take a look at how its share price Commodity City is operated?  The first stage: 1 2016 February 4 to 15, the initial Jiancang stage, which bought Commodity City 1429.10 million shares, turnover 1072.84 million shares, turnover 6680.190,000 yuan。  2, 16 to 18, is pulled high style Jiancang stage。  3, February 19, February 22 is the initial selling profit Phase 4, February 24 to February 25, to maintain the stock Phase 5, March 1 to March 2, stage prop up share prices again 6, March 3, selling profit phase II stage: 1 2016 March 4 to March 16, to maintain the stock phase 2, March 17 to March 18, stage prop up share prices again 3, March 21, selling profit stage phase III: 1, March 23 to March 29, Opening stage 2, March 30-April 8, and gradually sold stages 3 and 4 March 11 to April 14, lift stock prices Opening stage 4, April 15, raised the ship stage fourth stage: 1, April 20 to April 25, Opening and maintenance, lift stock phase 2, April 26 to June 23, 2016, selling profit the first two stages of backdated Tang Hanbo is punished, it is almost always the same routine。  End of February 2012 for the first time manipulation Huazishiye first stage: group account their portfolios for a total purchase 845 million shares before and after 2012, at 14:00 on February 27th, there is an hour's close, shares bland Huazishiye。Suddenly, from the 13:50 start, rapid amplification volume Huazishiye, on the day of Huazishiye hourly charts, column represents the volume of fine flat out, means there is a lot of money continues to buy enter。But at this stage, and no major price fluctuations, or around the 5-day average.94 yuan fluctuate, however, 14:53:48 and then in less than a minute, the quoted range, the sudden appearance of four pen substantial funds, reporting a surprising number of buy, respectively, the time to buy a file 178,34,6,66 times orders, stock prices will quickly jump from 5.94 yuan jumped to 6.1 yuan high, then a slight retracement, closing up 2.8%。  The second phase (February 14, 2012 27th 53 minutes and 48 seconds to 28 February 15:00:00), the account group lift stock prices, a total of 1799 million shares to buy, sell 180 million shares。  Greater stimulus in the back, around 2012, at 11:00 on February 28, Huazishiye shares posted strong gains again。14:30 before and after the daily limit, daily limit on price, there has to declare a sum to buy 381 million shares, making the stock tightly sealed board in the limit, the moment trading at 6.62 yuan。  The third stage (2012, February 29-March 2), the group sold the account, the account stage combination meter sold 3082 shares, bought 747 million shares, more than all the shares have been sold。  Feb. 29 to March 2, the share price is still maintained at 6 inertia.Above 16 yuan, Tang Hanbo quickly into the hands of more than 23 million shares sold in an instant, this single profit of about $ 6.5 million if 1.$ 500 million principal amount of calculation, this vote by a week, the surplus of 4.3%。  During this period, 2012 February 26 to March 4, Tang Hanbo stay Beijing Asia Hotel。2012 February 27 to March 2, Tang Hanbo control of 10 major accounts using the same computer under a single delegate carried out in Beijing Asia Hotel。Among them, Tang Hanbo control of nine accounts Most accounts are using a single transaction "Huazishiye" A computer at the Asia Hotel, the use of other computerized single transaction "Huazishiye" accounts are using the computer in the same day in the Asia hotel log record。  Beijing Asia Hotel Jin Jiang Group under the Department five-star hotel, located in the bustling business districts of Beijing East Second Ring Road, adjacent to the embassy district, Worker。  May 2014, the administrative punishment book published by the SFC display, Tang Hanbo control "Zhang Jin" and other 9 accounts, 2012 February 27 to March 2 to take a false declaration, between the actual control of their own account transactions, etc. influence "Huazishiye" securities trading volume and price。Huazishiye resulting from the closing price of June 2012 of February 27.02 yuan rose to 63 March 2.36 yuan, its personal actual profit 6.49 million yuan。In this regard, the Commission confiscate their illegal income 649.40,000 yuan, impose a fine of five times the total of about 38.96 million yuan。  Manipulation "Ingenious" second malignancy Huazishiye a war, Tang Hanbo show their vigorous, Shenglayingzhuai by capital, 2012 August 1 to September 10, Tang Hanbo shot of Ingenious。  Tang Hanbo control 12 accounts, use of funds, stocks, continuous trading, false purchase and other ways to manipulate Ingenious (now renamed as "en-carbon new material") stock price, profit 252.890,000 yuan。At the end of 2013, by Ingenious set by the main industry in transition from the real estate business for the en-carbon development, and changed its name to ene carbon new material。  Since that mysteriously hidden manipulation means, ultimately could not escape the discernment of the Commission, the Commission finds that Tang Hanbo this manipulation, the harsh nature, the circumstances are serious, therefore, issued a confiscation of illegal income and a fine of 50,000 times the top grid penalty。Total 1517.340,000 yuan。  1-2 August, Tang Hanbo quietly buying Ingenious, August 6, Tang Hanbo start selling profit, in the process, in order to stabilize the share price, Tang Hanbo at far below the market price position, reporting to buy 1884 million shares, causing the market to prop up the market there is big money illusion, but Tang Hanbo always timely cancellation, the actual turnover of only 24.5 million shares。  In the time before September 10, the Tang Hanbo and so forth, for a total of four similar manipulation, and eventually all sold, profit 252.890,000 yuan。  Tanghanboqia is repeated with this transaction, frequent withdrawals, false declaration of way, influence the judgment of other market participants, in order to make money cut chives。  Market analysts believe that the reason why there is no transfer of Tang Hanbo similar market manipulation case public security organs, mainly due to the current securities law standards, in accordance with previous Zuozhuang criteria to define market manipulation, and in accordance with the standard means Zuozhuang stake is high, which is not appropriate for the class of cases Tang Hanbo。However, after the standard securities law revision will reduce the future there will be transferred to public security organs more cases of market manipulation。  For example, Xu Xiang。November 10, 2016, Xu Xiang alleged stock market manipulation case, be prosecuted。December 5, 2016, Xu Xiang and others suspected of stock market manipulation case hearing, January 23, 2017, Qingdao City Intermediate People's Court sentenced Xu Xiang was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment, a fine of 11 billion yuan。  And Xu Xiang and Tang Hanbo compared to precisely manipulate its stock in many of its stake is very high, such as in a hundred Ningbo, Xu Xiang Ze Tim Tibet's investment is the largest shareholder。  Although Tang Hanbo were not punishment, but more than 12 million fine is enough to make the bankrupt Tang Hanbo。