In Spring there are secret law, these techniques have to know

  "Yellow Emperor", saying: Spring March, called fat Chen。 World all students, of all things to glory, the night lying to get up early, wide step on the court, Phi hair slow form, so that Chi students, students not freeze to kill, to not freeze wins, reward Erwu penalty, this spring air it should be, good health Road also。 This is the "Yellow Emperor" on the proposed general principles, it is pointed out in the spring weather season, people should be the spirit of photo transfer, daily life, sports and fitness, and many other aspects, in order to "life" as the center of the human body nursed back to health。
  Spring how health waning early spring chill, yang began ascending, Chad cold at first glance warm。
According to the theory of Chinese medicine "spring and summer Yang Yang", this time may be appropriate to eat onions, ginger, garlic, leeks, mustard, not only to remove loose chill, help Chunyang ascending, while the active ingredients contained in it, also has a bactericidal the effectiveness of disease prevention。   At this point should eat cold food, to prevent the hair repressor yang。
  Our forefathers mid-spring, spring should be liver。
Liver intrinsic wood wind, mid-spring season with the liver and indulge in all things ascending hyperactivity。
Chinese medicine believes that the liver spleen injury can Kang (wood grams of soil), affecting the spleen and stomach。 Therefore, Tang Yao Wang Sun Simiao once said: "Spring should Province acid by Gan, in order to keep his temper."。 Eating time may be appropriate jujube, honey, rice crust like stomach nutritious food, eat too non-digestible food acid or greasy。
When this time comes not only nutritious but also a variety of wild Therapy role of lush Emori, such as shepherd's purse, purslane, Houttuynia, fern, bamboo, cedar, etc., should seize the opportunity to choose food。   Late spring temperatures gradually rise, this time should be light-based diet, the proper eating high-quality protein foods and fruits and vegetables outside, drinking green bean soup, red bean soup, sour plum and green tea to prevent heat accumulation in vivo。 Should not eat meat, dog meat, hot and spicy chili, pepper, hot pepper and other goods of Okara, to prevent evil heat of the fire, change hair carbuncle swollen boils and other diseases。
  Avoid "Spring cover" improper lot of people know Spring cover autumn cold, but doing it will always be two extremes: Young does not cover against the firepower strong, early wear unlined shoes; elderly, kids are likely to cover too far, cover sweating also can not undress。
In fact, "Spring cover" do not bother!  Recommendation: 1, do not rush to "season"。 Do not worry winter clothes close up, and then the other seasonal temperature stability; 2, at any time change of clothing。 Spring abnormal climate change, large changes in temperature difference between morning and evening。
Can alternate with clothes, blankets, small bars sleep at night, to avoid cold damage yang; 3, do not cover sweat。 Cover too far can lead to colds, decreased immunity。
  Avoid committing a "spring fever" to sleep in the warm spring sunlight, blood vessels expand, blood faster, easily lead to brain hypoxia, and thus easy to make, "Chun Kun"。
But a drowsy to sleep but then adverse。
Sleep too long will be further reduced blood flow, suppress excitement of the cerebral cortex, it will lead to more sleep the more sleepy, but people more tired。   Recommendation: Spring can be a little late, around 11 pm to sleep better, get up at 6 o'clock in the morning, more human germinal yang comply, it may stretch after getting up, doing the dry wash, massage the temples and Yongquan。 Walking can be placed after lunch, a light Yanggu laid down in about 30 minutes, then a sleep less than 30 minutes nap。