Chinese high-speed rail in the ink Difficult British media: to highlight the unpredictability of traditional Mexican government

Reference News Network February 4th report foreign media that China Railway Construction led "Mexico City – Queretaro high-speed rail," the annulment by the successful bidder, bid again twists and turns, will again be the Mexican government oil revenues dropped by unlimited on hold。China Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement after another, expressed regret at the decision of Mexico and properly handle the aftermath requirements。High-speed rail in the case of impact-Mexican relations, further affecting the layout of China's diplomacy in Latin America。  According to the BBC website reported on February 3, Mexican Finance Minister announced that the second time before the high-speed railway standard single bid announcement details plans shelved indefinitely, China Railway Construction and related businesses suffered damage claims cumbersome time consuming process, currently a diplomatic negotiated settlement more feasible and lowest injury。Twists and turns of the high-speed rail project, no doubt will prompt China to review Mexico's new positioning in Latin America's allies。  Reported that during the past year and a half, high-speed rail project, "Chinese Export-Import Bank" preferential loans due to financial analysis and strategic layout completely unequal, frequent "price competition" and "loss change crying," criticism。High-speed rail project will not only be used as the ink diplomatic relations to a new high point "face project", seeking to take more long-term weight balance China in Latin America, "South America ABC" Argentina, Brazil and Chile, heavy north south light of the diplomatic balance。  In recent years, high, 4 degrees in the ink heads of state meeting in Mexico brought to the main partners in Latin America, but also to break the record set the previous leaders。Well after Mexican President Pena Nieto gram-speed railway construction, but get right in Railway Construction won the bid 3 world order cancellation of the tender, the Chinese government bid to restart the project after expressing concern and published on the eve of the details are "indefinitely" shelved the project。Unpredictable factors also hit record。  Chinese high-speed rail across the ocean to "go out" into the sea, but in Mexico, Mexico City Cancun Caribbean private investment in the construction of Latin America's largest Chinese mall "City" also recently forced to shut down because of environmental problems, both also highlights the Mexican government can not prediction tradition。  It reported that the Mexican high-speed rail on indefinite hold, caused very different comments in the local。"Mexican construction industry chamber of commerce CMIC" Chairman Luis Zarate said the high-speed railway between Mexico City to Queretaro original three-year period, will create 20,000 direct work with 4.10 000 indirect jobs。Although unpopular government announced budget cuts, but at least the courage to face。While the high-speed rail to suspend Cohesion Quintana Roo Yucatán "Trans-Peninsula" railway projects, in 2015 the construction industry will grow 4 percent rate was revised down to 2-2.Between 8%, the impact is very obvious。  Mexico "Private Sector Center for Economic Research CEESP" head of Louis Fung Sai Lada expressed support for the government on indefinite hold high-speed rail and "Trans-Peninsula" rail project。He pointed out that the Mexican railroad passenger may receive long-term government subsidies, high-speed rail only in the high carrying capacity of China have profit, promoting the Mexican economy is not helpful, the relevant budget should be used to promote other industries to promote economic growth。