Steal user information?British corporate executives admit "intervention" multi-national election

  A British television station broadcast two consecutive days of unannounced visits fragment analysis Cambridge, UK CEO and other senior management staff Alexander Knicks claimed this enterprise successfully manipulated the presidential elections in the United States and Kenya and other countries。
  Knicks 20, was suspended。 Cambridge during his analysis of the company in charge of social media for allegedly stealing 50 million Facebook users' information。
  [Common] Trump January of this year, Britain's Channel Four television reporters posing as potential customers, to meet with the Knicks and Mark Turnbull, general manager of Cambridge analysis firm in a hotel in London, secretly photographed dialogue between the parties。
  In the dialog segment broadcast on television on the 20th, the Knicks boasted, Donald Trump won the US presidential election, Cambridge analyst firm contributed。
  He claimed repeatedly during the election campaign saw Republican presidential candidate Trump, Trump declared campaign team of research, analysis, and network television to promote his business all by。
  The Knicks also introduced Burn After Reading-based email system they use, upon opening the e-mail automatically disappear after two hours, no evidence, no trace of the paper, there's nothing left。   17 British and American media reports, analyst firm Cambridge unauthorized access to 50 million users of Facebook thumbs up files and content data, used to predict and influence the electorate voting intentions。 Trump denies that day campaign team used the data of this company, claiming that voters used the election data from all the Republican National Committee, this enterprise employ only do TV ads, and has worked with some of the data members。   Knicks last year in the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee hearing, Democratic members laugh sour grapes, technical blind, they are politicians, do not understand technology, do not understand (the system) and how effective。   Channel Four program aired on the 20th soon after, Cambridge analysis company announced that the Board of Directors decided to suspend the Knicks duties, MN Fox said sound does not represent the values of this enterprise。   In addition, the firm was employed to promote the UK from the EU referendum off the European camp。 UK Information Authority has the court for a search warrant, seeking to enter the business survey in London office。
  [Trader] unannounced visits to the cattle segment aired on the 19th for the first time, the Turnbull declared in Cambridge analyst firm secret operation, Kenyan President Hu Lucan Tagaytay Ukrainian political party in 2013 and twice won the election by mid-2017。
  According to him, we repackage the entire two parties, wrote election manifesto……We wrote all the speeches, the candidates all aspects of design。   20, 2009, the ruling Kenya Jubilee Party Deputy Chairman 戴维穆雷瑟 confirmed Jubilee party in 2017 did hire Cambridge UK strategic analysis of the company's parent exchange Laboratories (SCL), they are doing is basically brand building and all non direct work。   In a previous meeting with reporters, Turnbull comes to corporate strategy: Our job is to put the barrel to put the well deeper, to find out these real deep-seated fear and anxiety。
The facts can not win the election, because all about emotions。   Executives also told reporters that they manipulate the global number of shell companies, secret activity in the election process in many countries around election。
The Knicks said that in order to discredit a competitor, they will Shi honey trap, let some beautiful women in Ukraine rivals Activities nearby residence, set to rival sets of bribery and record the process, put on the network。   Unannounced visits, in order to attract reporters posing as potential customers. Knicks boasted: We are not only the world's largest and most influential political consulting firm, is the most effective (company)。
We need to hide in the dark, play a role in different channels。   [Cambridge] analysis was not a spy film company on social media Twitter to defend himself: Ads can not force (people make decisions), no stupid people……This is not a spy movie, we analyze corporate data。
  Cambridge analyst firm created in 2013, claims to provide consumer research to political and corporate customers, Focus advertising and other data services category。
Nicks told reporters, create this enterprise aims to fill the political vacuum Republican US market。
  United States, "Washington Post" on the 20th to a former consultant for the Trump news sources reported that Trump's son 贾里德库什纳 pull strings, the analyst firm Cambridge to introduce the campaign team。
  "New York Times" reported, the firm $ 15 million start-up capital from private equity fund manager Robert Mercer, his long-term contribution and support Trump running for president as a Republican; to this enterprise is named after Stephen Bannon, he early director of this enterprise。   Christopher Wylie had to work Cambridge analyst firm, it was his first broke the news to the media。
He told the "Washington Post" reporter, approved by Bannon, 2014, the company bought for $ 1 million Facebook data。 Bannon later became the Trump campaign strategy consultant and August 2017 before Chief Strategist。   Assistant former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn in August 2017 revealed that he was a consultant to analyze Cambridge。
  On face book data leakage incident, the White House said Congress would like to see the question related parties, the President believes people's privacy should be protected。
(Guo Qian) (special feature articles Xinhua News Agency)。