CCTV explanation: Morocco to play good football I really have been to Morocco

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Beijing on the evening of 20 at 20 o'clock on June, 2018 Russia World Cup Group B match in Portugal array Morocco started in the Luzhniki Stadium。The final Portugal 1-0 victory over the opponent, CCTV5 for the game was broadcast live, the famous commentator Hung Steel and Xu Yang of the game have been reviewed。After the game, Xu micro-Bo once again commented on the game: Portugal, although not good enough to play, but a real one-third, built on top of the overall system。Although Morocco played pretty enough, but not enough to win, and it also has a direct relationship to the Moroccan people's awareness of football, they prefer pure football, preferring to show their Marseille maneuver。But the World Cup rivals will not give you room for maneuver。I love Moroccan players to play, but I think the tactical discipline and execution more Portugal deserved to win, not to mention they have?Luo。Also, I really have been to Morocco。4 minutes, the hot state?Luo header opened the scoring, Xu Yang exclaimed: "C Lo really is unstoppable!?Luo ran in the attack to confuse opponents with a fake, so smart!"Hung Steel said:" Portugal was very successful with this tactic, Morocco completely missing person。"After the ball Morocco strengthened closing down, Hung Steel said:" Morocco had to do, lose the ball too early, before the development of tactics does not work, and Morocco must be kicked out of the best games of chance may qualify for their reserved。"The brightest star in the comment to the performance, Xu said:" The first round of group matches to play down, C Luo can be said that the performance of most normal players。"Hong Gang commented on the attack after Portugal:" a ball in hand, Portugal can play their most familiar defensive back, and in front?Such forward Luo, Portugal on the counter handy for Portugal was another familiar formula。"Morocco set off a counterattack in the next game, but unfortunately after the Portugal defense is very solid, Hung Steel said:" Portugal is not only the most sharp spear, but also hard shield。"For Morocco fully closing down the attack, Hung Steel said:" This fight with Iran on a different, Morocco is felt on a win opponents, but the game is such circumstances, had to fight。"Xu bluntly pointed out that the problem of the Moroccan court:" Although Morocco this time took advantage of the field, but with the restricted area before the opponent is too small, the lack of real core of the team, division of labor is not clear。"Xu commented Moroccan football:" In Morocco, as long as there is a local street, either side of the road or parking lot, there are kids playing soccer, I think that Morocco can enter the World Cup is not surprising。"Morocco has repeatedly missed opportunities, Xu said:" Morocco's attack looks as if only not quite point, and this little bit, is that the gap between the two teams, the experience gap, the gap between tactical。"Race to 50 minutes, Hong Gang and Xu Yang summed up the offensive in Morocco:" Morocco in control midfield, closing down, oppression, conduct are good, but the lack of a better choice in the penalty area, their offensive play lively, but the efficiency is not high。"Hong Gang commented the Moroccan team of Bart Allah:" Allah Bart today as a fighter, as he often today the face of 1 vs. 2, and they strive。"Xu said:" The players play a great relationship with the state of his mood, he seems a good mood today。"Morocco gradually dominate possession in the second half, Hung Steel said:" football game to win possession, the number of passing, shooting number are not used, the key is to be able to win the game。"In reference to Morocco coach Renard, Hung Steel also made an interesting comment:" Although there is no Renard beyond Loew on results, but on the face value with a group of Lufkin, but if you follow the guidance Xu ratio up, it is still a little gap。"Referring to the details of the deal, Hung Steel said:" Sometimes the details and seemingly nothing to do with race, but the results of the competition are relying on this little detail built up。"Hong Gang commented Tia Burnett's performance:" Today almost all the Moroccan team is a good chance from Tia Burnett, but Burnett Tia mentality today is not flat, but he's the team leader, at some balls on the treatment he did not show the qualities of a leader。"The final victory over Portugal 1-0 victory in Morocco, on the game, after the game before the game even more exclusive reviews and outside the venues, also welcomed the focus on the World Cup trail。