Chinese financial giant Rogers daughter Guards User: announcer accent

November 20 to ask the nearest electrical hottest "foreign language" is what is undoubtedly the Putonghua。
But there is one person seems to already have seen Chinese hot day。
He not only let his daughter was born a Chinese school, but early on became a "baby sun spree"。 "One to go two or three miles, smoke village forty-five。 Sixty-seven pavilions, eight ninety flowers " ……This is the first "village Chanting" is the Song Dynasty poet Shao Yong's poetry, while the blonde girl was only on the fifth grade。 Her father, 75-year-old Wall Street financial giant Rogers。
Rogers co-founded in 1970 with George Soros's Quantum Fund has for ten years with an average annual rate of return of over 50%, however, the two parted ways later。 Rogers said: belongs to England in the 19th century, the United States belong to the 20th century, the 21st century belongs to China!They have come to learn Chinese bar!In the Asian financial technology development at the meeting of November 10, Rogers has played two daughters reading Chinese poetry video。 According to Hong Kong Finet, Rogers reiterated that, in order to allow the next generation to better capacity into the new century, let the child learn Mandarin Chinese。 He also said that plans to let his daughter to the University of China; to Yale University?Thing of the past, we have to look forward。
Domestic users shocked: suddenly feel that they are the foreigners……Rogers once said in an interview, said the eldest daughter childhood dream is that when a Chinese teacher。 Before proudly Chinese daughters play video, Rogers on stage emphasized the importance of Chinese in his mind: "Whether I make a speech somewhere, especially in the West, I would tell people, when you have children in the future, you should let them learn Chinese。
Because the Chinese will be the rest of their most important language。 The 19th century was part of the United Kingdom, the United States is part of the 20th century, but the 21st century will belong to China, whether we like it or not。 "In addition to Hong Kong, said in recent years, Rogers in 2012, Tencent" also say that business life "interview; in 2015 China (Fujian) Financial General Assembly or the Internet say……Rogers interested in Chinese is not surprising, because from the beginning of the 1980s, when the international community's perception of China is still very limited, he would capture the enormous economic and social changes taking place in this land。
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he was walking through China three times and found this "super potential" while traveling。 Rogers said that the Chinese language is profound, his favorite word "crisis" because of all the dangerous moment are hidden opportunities。
So far he has four large-scale Chinese stock market, which are in the middle of 1999, 2005, 2008 and 2013, it is the opportunity to enter the Chinese stock market downturn most。
Rogers to two daughters of Chinese learning can be said to start with children。
Rogers mid-2009 published book "Investment guru Rogers to baby daughter 12 letter", which is the seventh letter specifically told her daughter the importance of Chinese。 In the letter, Rogers mentioned daughters' tutor Chinese, Mandarin to communicate with the kids。 And let the children learn Chinese reason is "because China's economy is taking off in the future it will become a far more important now world-class players。 "Tencent in 2012 to accept the" Business Life "interview, Rogers was recalled in mid-1986 for the first time to China:" Before first came to China, I realized that people tell me things about China is Incorrect。 Born and raised in the United States, rumors about China, this is a very bad place。
It came after the discovery, intelligent and diligent ambitious "。
Thus, after her daughter was born, he decided to let her daughter began to learn Chinese。
He was very proud to say: "I will say that Chinese children do not speak Hindi, do not speak German。 "When asked why the settlers, Rogers said is to allow children to learn Chinese," said the Chinese because English-speaking Singapore……This is what I can to leave their most important skills。 "This momentum compared with the Trump family can be described as 'comparable'。
US media quartz has revealed that three children Ivanka are at a private language school in Manhattan school, where tuition fees of up to $ million per year (about yuan)。
In answer to what they think the most successful investment, Rogers without hesitation: "My daughter。
Because they can speak Chinese, and very understanding of Asia and China。 "(North American Chinese homes) Editor: Fan Fei, Shao Yuxiang。