During the summer there is no appetite?Try these therapeutic side dispel dampness (1)

  High summer temperatures, originally belonging to the environment will be very hot and humid and rainy, if coupled with, or, one might be prone to loss of appetite, heavy limbs and other humid phenomenon, then, how the humid summer dampness it?Is there any recommended therapeutic side of it?  What dampness method 1, onion, ginger, garlic to moisture onions, ginger, garlic are three common condiment, but with a very effective medicinal value。
We have to use onions, ginger, garlic, many, ginger boil water usage is common。
This ginger help moisture from the body, it can also make fast our body sweating, relieve the body of excessive moisture conditions。
Other spices can also use these methods, the same applies to prevent colds after rain。
  Dampness methods eliminate the body's moisture, you can try barley。Its sweet light slightly cold, can water swelling, spleen dewetting, getting in addition to weakness, heat pus。
Of the red beans, sweet and sour, can Jianpizhixie, water swelling。If after eating barley and beans plus and boil, having diuretic, dehumidification, to eliminate the action of moisture, detoxifies。
In addition, red beans may be selected, Poria, Chinese yam, Codonopsis, put into a pot soup material or porridge, boiled water to drink, with a diuretic, dehumidification effect, particularly effective people edema。Note, however, both methods have a diuretic effect, urine is not suitable for human consumption。  3, dampness cupping therapy cupping therapy has some effect on dampness。
Cupping is a method commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine of treating a disease which can by cold dampness, meridians, eliminate stasis, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain, diarrhea Sida heat, adjusting the body's yin and yang balance, fatigue, Enhance physical fitness。  As shown, the dehumidifying leaves bitter and moxibustion XinWen 4, with the temperature by bleeding, the effect of relieving pain, "Sunburn to the fire, while the other can penetrate through various diseases," moxibustion can be warm the meridians, qi and blood circulation, cold and dampness and health care, is very effective for the dehumidification evil spring。  5, scientific method eating dampness of "medicine as tonic" very correct。There are many ways to moisture, can proceed from the diet。Science Diet is a balanced and an appropriate amount of food intake, can not overeating, but also can not go on a diet。In the daily diet, women do not have to comply with a partial eclipse, picky eaters, can only be good conditioning gastrointestinal system, and cause water metabolism in the body to return to normal。
  The daily diet is best to do science, eat light food and eat greasy food。This is because the greasy food will appear in the spring and digestive problems, indigestion, inflammation, and so the question even。And fried foods can cause endocrine out body too much peroxide is not conducive to gastrointestinal health。At the same time, to eat cold food, such as watermelon, salad, cabbage, etc., these foods in the daily intake should be moderate, with a number can be reduced or cold food。
  1 dampness thermal therapeutic side, Radix stewed pig tendon material: Radix 8 g, 60 g pig tendon, a ginger, dates Banli。  Practice: cleaning pig tendon (that is, before the calf pig meat), cut into large。Radix sheet water rinse, then all the materials into Dunzhong, fierce simmer for 3 hours and then added to the incubation drinking seasoning salt。  2, a cross-Lei stewed pig Abrus material: Abrus 5 g, 80 g porcine cross Shui Po, a ginger, dates Banli。  Approach: first Abrus, pig cross-Lei cleaned and then all the materials together into Dunzhong fierce enough simmer for 3 hours, after seasoning salt can be a good stew。  3, mulberry leaves stewed fresh pig tendon materials: Fresh mulberry leaves 5 grams, 60 grams of meat pig tendon, candied half a tablet, a ginger。
  Practice: cleaning pig tendon meat, cut into large。
Water rinse fresh mulberry leaves, and then all the materials into Dunzhong, fierce simmer for 3 hours and then add seasoning salt drinking。
  In addition to the therapeutic side of hot dampness described in the text as well as food, hot and humid constitution of friends can also eat some red beans (red bean) made diet, because red bean dampness heat is a good helper oh。