Brazil national football and Private Eyes? User cerebral hole wide open: our five-star jerseys they chest flag

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">Chinese national team missed the FIFA World four times, but the words made in China in the game can be seen everywhere, advertising, sports sponsorship significant presence in this event, the amount and quantity are ranked first。In addition, this year the stadium every 10 fans have a Chinese person, is expected to total more than 100,000。CCTV host Bai Yansong said with a smile, "except football team did not go to China, the other went。"Users also claimed that" we at least half a dozen national football team with Brazil!"Even" turn iron into steel ", many Internet users still strive for the national football face。Weibo has been heard several sought-after "holding national football" rhetoric。Among them, the Brazil team jersey has five stars, there were claims that the Brazilian team won five World Cup, but "we also have a national football chest flag ah, at least half a dozen bars!"Another person said," German national football star more than four weeks!"" Germany, Italy, Argentina and other traditional strong teams in the World Cup has never beaten the Chinese team!"" Chinese team to win the number, only less than France, England, Spain and other football powers once!"According to market research firm Zenith statistics, national businesses to invest in advertising costs during the 2018 World Cup a total of $ 2.4 billion (about NT $ 72.3 billion yuan), which mainland China to achieve 8.$ 3.5 billion, more than double the US-funded enterprises。Chinese word made visible everywhere in the stadium。In addition, it is FIFA (FIFA) official website, this World Cup a total of 14 official sponsors, Wanda Group, Hisense appliance business, Mengniu Dairy Company, as well as handset manufacturers vivo mainland brands, accounting for the number of seats and the United States fairly, However, investment in corporate advertising spending is victory。Chinese national football are not washed out even in Asia, has also missed the World Cup, but even the national football fans "turn iron into steel," but still can not stop passion for football。The number of this year's World Cup team is particularly caused by Chinese media attention, sent to the front of the interview, investment funds and equipment and so create the most ever, reported the ratings, is also still very substantial amount of reading。In fact, Chinese mainland players really did not miss?The team participated in the opening battle! The official media, "Xinhua News Agency" issued a document that has a different type of "Team China" has long been ready, contains Chinese fans, sponsors, broadcasters, and media as well as any football-related "Chinese elements" will debut World Cup in Russia。But in addition, mainland China is indeed a football team composed of players will participate in World Cup!They stand out through the activities of 12 children young players, will participate in the China-Russia football match, or the opening match of the current caddy。In addition to the above-mentioned these points, CCTV host Bai Yansong said recently that in the past two days to see the FIFA statistics, Chinese fans to buy World Cup tickets over 40,000, ranking ninth among all countries than Spain and England fans to buy the votes of the ball are more, you know, "Chinese football was not selected for the World Cup", with a lot of Chinese companies sponsoring the World Cup, it can be said, "Chinese football in addition to not go, others are basically gone。"One person this sentence is regarded as a classic ridicule Chinese football team, while the 2016 Olympic Games One person also said," If failure is the mother of success, the Chinese team how many mom?"