The winter baby winter baby eat a healthy diet

Winter baby to eat what the baby needs to keep warm in the winter, so the diet is also very need to pay attention, because a good diet can make more good baby nutrition, what to eat with the baby in winter and winter nights network to see what the baby to eat We introduce!Winter baby to eat what (a) are not afraid of the baby anorexia anorexia can cause slow physical development, affecting brain development, so be sure to take care of the problem of anorexia good baby, for the baby's diet, must be based on digestible, light-based, not because the baby do not eat anything, just try to do the meat and fish to attract the baby, the baby barely eat also likely to cause food plot, more serious consequences, this is a temporary problem, through this stage will ease, so parents do not need special baby worry。
(B) eat more fruits listed a large number of fresh fruit, rich in nutrients needed by the baby, with Yin Yang Fei, moistening fluid effect, is the best food supplements。
For your baby to eat fruits: pears, citrus, pomegranate,, jujube, water chestnuts,, mango, star fruit,,。There are not designed to eat fruit: lychee ,,,。
(C) the more milk the baby winter what to eat except for milk rich in protein,, phosphorus, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients needed baby grow, it also contains a lot of water。
Drink plenty of energy to supplement nutrition and water for the baby, the baby's dry climate is very useful。But do not drink milk, you can drink the soup with salt to note after suffering from diarrhea。Infant weaning recipes。