1 new goalkeeper who blocked kava Nisou teeth lore can not take away his Man of the Match

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 15: While somewhat tragic lore last minute sorry, but Egypt can hang on until nearly 90 minutes, mostly thanks to several brilliant saves goalkeeper Xina Wei headed, whether it is sealed near corner blocked Su Qiangdian fire of God, or the second half flying Dan Zhang saved Cavani will enter a potential cut in the volley, the goalkeeper campaign performance from Egyptian giants Ahly are worthy of applause。Before the game, most people when talking about Egypt goalkeeper, all eyes focused on the 45-year-old veteran, the current captain of the Egyptian team El – Hadad years, but does not know, hada role in the current squad only more spiritual core and locker room leader, the team's goalkeeper had headed into being when the play of Xina Wei, the face Uruguay in South America, one of the top three, with Suarez and Cavani the two top striker of Uruguay, Greece Navier also proved their strength with practical action。Uruguay 4 shots of the audience, three times can be said absolutely great opportunity or a threat, but only a header Ximenes strong final work, the other two were Xina Wei resolved, and these two wonderful fighting, it is the face of the two sky blue Legion front of God: Suarez and Cavani。These two were fighting in the second half to complete, it is the first test of Xina Wei Suarez, Cavani he received the feed cake, right rib into the restricted area, small-angle half volley fire, but Xina Wei election position is very good, with the body God sealed the Soviet Union shot line, the ball eventually denied by the legs。Not a shot, Su God diverted to feed the cake, his header from the edge of the penalty area yaw, to create opportunities for Cavani volley shot burst of a restricted zone near the line, Paris Saint-Germain front of God fully demonstrated the strength of the French striker, this note volley burst strength and the angle of the rod is superb, but still insurmountable Xina Wei's fingers off, skip step which is free hip into the sky, stuck Juling Shen palm racket out for a chase scene shot Cavani, a center in Paris face incredible。 Gone through the trials Sifa League Golden Boot two-level front of God, I believe Xi Nawei confidence there will be no small improvement, two games behind the face of the Russian attack group Or Saudi striker who, naturally calmly, if we can maintain the current play to his physical condition and reaction, landed in Europe after the World Cup stadium is not no chance。