Commit crimes with guns and machetes robbed a Chinese-funded enterprises in Zambia compatriots killed

November 20 electric November 19 morning, located in Copperbelt Province Ndola Industrial Zone, a business engaged in the production of bags from Henan enterprises have been a number of criminals robbery, in which two criminals wearing hoods and carrying AK47, machetes and other tools of crime, broke into the company, then with wire bundled with three Chinese officials, employees and Zambia centralized control them。
Company boss Zhu to get up late, after the intruders stored at room pressed his money。
After Zhu hand over their cash, criminals may feel too little money, it would open their legs shot, hit on the hip artery, causing him a large area of bleeding。
Then criminals will be safe to move out, and drove a black van to escape from the company's。 After leaving the criminals, trapped employees to quickly confirm room Zhumou An danger to find him lying in a pool of blood。 After Zhu praised overseas Chinese will help the hospital, resulting in excessive bleeding or because he died。
Currently, the company has employees alarm, police hope a thorough investigation of the case。
Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in Zambia, Zhao Min, director of the Consular Section is also the first time to contact the Zambia police chief, praised the police and requested immediate arrest and punish the perpetrators and provide the victims name, business name and robbed the vehicle registration number and other relevant information。 Like overseas Chinese and compatriots in voluntary organizations also set up a temporary funeral committee, to help companies deal with victims of hospital autopsy, police investigation and logistics, etc.。 Zambia Overseas Chinese Federation also issued a call, hoping to lend a helping hand overseas Chinese in Zambia, to raise money to help businesses weather the storm victims and families of the deceased take care of things。 Contact the embassy has also been home the families of the deceased, went to assist their praise。
(Africa Overseas Weekly) Editor: Fan Fei, Xu snow。