Tai Chi regimen to re-balance the five, you pose the right thing

  As a martial arts fist, has also been praised for the field, the secret is to make the function of human organs available and improve the development。 Regular practice boxing, can delay the aging of various organs of the body, effectively play fitness, role。
  Affordable movement of boxing pay attention to affordable movement of。 Labor is generally local labor, mental system is not adjusted。 By boxing movement, the human body to achieve balance of body。 "Balance" is the essence of Chinese tai chi, it can clear the meridians inside the body, promote blood circulation and metabolism, etc.。
Affordable movement of breathing gas to Italy with the strength, speed, size, length represents the degree of people's health, breathing there are many different ways, such as: Shun breathing, reverse breathing, thoracic breathing, abdominal breathing, etc. If with the right abdominal breathing, if delayed by a biological clock, reduce energy consumption and extend the energy use of time, that is, to extend the life。
Intended to punch abdominal breathing gas, diaphragm, abdominal contraction and relaxation, so that abdominal pressure is constantly changing, such as when abdominal pressure, subjected to abdominal venous pressure, right atrium the blood inlet; conversely when the abdominal pressure reduction when the blood enter the abdominal cavity。
Continuing alternately breathing exercise increases heart nutrition blood vessel function, but also increase the nutrition process the blood with oxygen, virtually to a charged body, increase blood circulation, thus strengthening the role of nutrition heart, improves heart help keep the cardiovascular system healthy。
Internal strength is actually practiced cardiopulmonary function in the body, regular exercise to maintain normal heart and lung function, can prevent aging, illnesses and sickness。