2017 Spain received over 710,005 Chinese tourists quadruple-year highs

January 22, according to "ABC" reported that the number of Chinese tourists have growth around the world, is no exception in Spain。
Spain in mid-2017 the total amount of tourists increased, with Chinese tourists also increased significantly。
According to information released by FITUR and ATEC, Chinese tourists last year, Spain received a total of 718,000 people, while in 2012 the data is only 187,000 people, but compared to France (1.7 million) and Italy (300 million), Spain Chinese tourists also Far from enough。
Community have said they would attract more Chinese tourists in 2018。 Chairman of ATEC organization RafaelCascales said Chinese tourists want to experience the fun spirit, combined with the local cuisine, nature, culture and the arts and shopping。
Chinese tourists increased significantly over the world, by 2020 there will be one hundred million -2 million Chinese tourists travel。
Western and Chinese tourists in per capita consumption of 2,500 euros, compared to the average of foreign tourists (743 euros) is much higher。 (Spain Chinatown) Editor: Lirui Chen, Fei Fan。