Twenty years JORDAN winning brand on "victory given by me" a new chapter

  AP 1996-1997 season, Michael Jordan in Chicago is building a second dynasty, and one of their most outstanding contribution to the season: fifth career championship trophy, the Finals MVP title, and first Finals field buzzer lore。
In this great behind, is to pay all beliefs and actions: still strong after losing the MVP determination and drive the performance of the team, to take up the task of lore in the finals opener only seconds, high fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit insist on playing under attack and won 38 points to win……"Achievements belong to all-out" – the spirit of victory given by me this "victory given by me" is the driving force behind the great achievements of Michael Jordan, the Jordan brand is respected faith。 It not only represents the determination to win the championship and become a "great", but also means to put into practice all the perseverance and courage。 Michael never talk about his desire to win, but after paying all their own, only the achievements of legendary life。   Carried out an outstanding season that occasion, the official Jordanian products to enter the mainland China, the first appearance is the AirJordan12。 2017, when the 20th anniversary of China, the Jordan brand on January 7 officially launched a new chapter "victory given by me" in the Greater China region, encouraging a new generation of Chinese basketball fans will faith into action。 On the same day, Jordan also opened in Chengdu and Taipei Jordan brand flagship stores, and comprehensive series on sale in the Greater China region CNYPack。
  Jordan Brand Asia's largest flagship store opened in Chengdu is the largest Asian JORDAN1HONGXING Jordan brand's flagship store, the shop is located in a landmark district in Chengdu Chengdu International Financial Center, will provide consumers with comprehensive personalized basketball fans in southwest new products and services。   JORDAN1HONGXING store has a strong element of Michael Jordan, Michael decoration everywhere represent an important moment of his career。 On the wall from the first floor to the second floor, it is the classic Michael flying layup decomposition screen, as if to take off with consumers together in the trapeze on the stairs。   JORDAN1HONGXING also provides new upgrade "experience space flight" service。
As mainland China's first set of court in the shop Jordan brand's flagship store, consumers can not only try on shoes favorite, you can also feel the technology and performance shoes directly in the stadium, to find the most suitable boots combat characteristics。
In addition, the store also offers Jordan brand "fly custom station", consumers can choose different styles and patterns, customize their own unique brand apparel Jordan。 Since JORDAN1HONGXING from the opening day will be provided on behalf of Michael in "victory given by me" pattern, as well as CNYPack series of echoes, full of Chinese characteristics of bamboo motif representative moment of the 1996-1997 season for consumer choice。
  Opening day, the famous basketball player, veteran Zhu Fangyu collector shoes coming out JORDAN1HONGXING, and to share their own "victory given by me" story。   " 'I have given victory by the' spirit comes from the love of basketball, I love this heart to win on the court's determination。
But victory requires more than faith, there will be all efforts to act。
You pay determines how you can reach the heights。 "- Zhu Fangyu and is located in downtown Taipei breeze pine high JORDAN16SONGGAO is the largest all Jordan brand's flagship store in Taiwan。
It is designed to "win given by me," the spirit of inspiration, in addition to providing the most complete Jordan Brand products, customized service and outside "experience space flight" service, more BreakfastClub exclusive training services。 Shops invite top fitness coach to guide consumers two pair continue to encourage a new generation of basketball fans the opportunity of bettering themselves, challenge the physical limits and inspire their potential。   Jordan Brand, general manager of Greater China Weidui Xiang said: "In the beginning start in mid-2017 'wins set by me' a new chapter, and the two Jordan brand flagship store opened at the same time, represents the new year Jordan Brand in Greater China China will usher in faster development。 We also will pursue the great spirit of Michael Jordan, and the brand promise into action。
"Call of Duty 'Twenty' years: CNYPack series on sale January 7, Jordan brand in Greater China, and the full sale CNYPack series, Set includes AirJordanXXXICNY, AirJordan12RetroCNY, AirJordan12RetroCNYGG and clothing line。   AirJordanXXXICNY using a black and white color tone, tribute to AirJordan12 "Taxi" year color, seamless knitting technology contact FLYWEAVE leather upper and a perfect combination of black and white。 Shoes are also equipped with the latest technology with Chinese traditional craft in the design intersection blending: at the rear of the junction with the body of the shoe soles surrounded by engraved with the words XXXI FLIGHTSPEED and bamboo printing, crystal bottom of the sole, bamboo weaving printing clearly visible, so that it gives off an unprecedented elegant and noble temperament。
  AirJordan12RetroCNY at the same time pay tribute to the tradition, using an innovative way into the Chinese artistic elements。 Men AirJordan12 to "Taxi" is based on the first year of color, reflective fabric uppers use of advanced imprint a symbol of Chinese traditional crafts bamboo woven leather black stitching lines on the part of the modern technology the perfect combination of traditional Chinese arts and crafts。
Jumpmanlogo buckle body on both sides of the shoe are also made of wood pattern。 The tongue conspicuous "Twenty" is the word embodies the Air Jordan "12 generation" and the Jordan brand into China, "20 years" double meaning。   AirJordan12RetroCNYGG is using a new color combination of pink and off-white color of the shoes so full of vitality and femininity, bamboo pattern buckle and upper color complement each other, people shines。