Not all of sweets to control blood sugar are detrimental to (1)

  When students very hard, very soft steamed after, because it is very rich in pectin content, such soluble dietary fiber has a good effect on postprandial lipid and glucose control。
At the same time, also it contains pumpkin cyclopropyl amino acid, it can promote the pancreas to secrete insulin, glucose transport acceleration, help control blood glucose levels。
  The efficacy of Chinese medicine and warm sweet, Rupi, stomach。Bu Zhong Yi Qi, anti-inflammatory analgesic, insecticide detoxification function。
It can be used for deficiency fatigue, intercostal neuralgia, malaria, dysentery, opium drug solution, expelling worms, bronchial asthma, diabetes embolism。
  1.Esophageal cancer prevention anti-cancer and stomach cancer, prevent colon cancer also have a certain effect, at the same time can help the liver, recovery of renal function, enhance the regenerative capacity of the liver, kidney cells。  2.Protect the gastric mucosa to promote bile secretion, from coarse food to stimulate and strengthen the stomach and intestines to help digest food。
  3.Lowering blood pressure to adjust the balance of insulin to maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar, obesity is also an ideal diet food。
  4.Prevention of prostate seed lipids have good treatment and prevention of urinary system diseases and benign prostatic hyperplasia。
  Fives.Eat, can make smooth stool, lush skin, especially for women, the role of beauty, Qing Ming Chen Chang Chih-tung had recommended the Empress Dowager Cixi eat the pumpkin。
  6.You can also prevent stroke, because pumpkin contains a lot of oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, glycerol, are of good quality oil。