L-carnitine to lose weight you want to lose weight or have a basis relied

Lose weight basis for it?Many people say that L-carnitine and weight loss results, then you know that there is basis for it to lose weight L-carnitine?Following small to talk with you whether there is basis for it to lose weight L-carnitine。 L-carnitine weight loss you want to lose weight according to Miss Zhu has been in the consumption of L-carnitine, however, a few months, Miss Zhu did not feel the effect of weight loss, and then in the end there is no doubt that L-carnitine weight loss?"This is clearly a hype," Associate Professor of China Agricultural University, Zhu Yi told CBN reporter, "There is no evidence that L-carnitine to lose weight, promote weight loss L-carnitine, the lack of scientific support, is an imagination。 "For similar health care products rumors, CIC burning knowledge consulting executive director Wang Wenhua, told reporters that rumors hazards need to be vigilant, to bring a lot of rumors in addition to direct spending on unnecessary goods and services and, more importantly, the risk the impact is no way to estimate the。
L-carnitine just fat "porter" L-carnitine, also known as L- carnitine or transliteration of carnitine, L-carnitine to lose weight on the argument mainly derived from fat transport function of L-carnitine。 L-carnitine weight loss metabolism of fat basis for it to go through a barrier, obstacle is the mitochondrial membrane, mitochondria can burn fat and make it releases energy consumed by the body, but the long-chain fatty acids pass this hurdle。
L-carnitine acts on the porter, the long chain fatty acid transport to mitochondria little by little, it is further oxidized。
But this does not mean that L-carnitine has a slimming function。
Zhu Yi said: "The L-carnitine is similar to a moving brick workers, more workers moving bricks on site, does not mean that will Quban brick, it does not mean there are so many bricks can be moved, so the wishful thinking to increase the amount of workers moving bricks, does not mean they all moved out fat, you're getting thinner。
"In other words, L-carnitine only played a transport function, and can not burn fat。