Passport missing pages can not leave!Chinese men's European Tour regret wasted 7

Mr. Zhang passport visa pages missing four。 Source: Xinhua Times Union Italian Christmas, New Year, Spring Festival soon followed, but in the preparation of these holiday getaway, you have not checked as a very important thing?passport。
Why mention this crop thing passport?Shaoxing because recently there was Mr. Zhang (not his real name) because the passport visa pages have lost the four, well-prepared European tour turned out to be seven days in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport would be spoiled!Mr. Zhang from Shaoxing (a pseudonym) and two friends reported a "seven European Tour" tour, for this trip, two people but plans for a long time, and has been doing online Raiders。 Embark on a journey of this day, the two men is all looking forward to the upcoming。 The same day, they and members of the tour group with exit formalities at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport。
I did not expect staff Hangzhou border check points not try to put Mr. Zhang stopped: "Why is your passport missing four?"Passport less four?At first, Mr. Zhang did not react。
A long while, he finally remembered: "I think that used visa pages to no avail, to readily tear up。 "Border check verification staff found that there are two immigration records on the missing passport visa page Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang himself did not take into account the tear passport subjective intent, according to" People's Republic of China Immigration Control Act "Twelfth Article states: "without valid travel documents or refuse to accept frontier inspection allowed to leave China to escape。
"Border departments to make a deal with Mr. Zhang not allowed to exit。
The immigration department, said the citizens of past immigration records on the used visa pages and can not tear up, tear visa page of the passport will be characterized as invalid passport。
If the passenger there is subjective intent, tore visa page, hide immigration records, in serious cases will be characterized as acts of smuggling。 Staff explained Mr. Xiang Zhang Road border check points, if this situation is found in the other countries of entry, it may cause more trouble。
For Mr. Zhang, this is like a "bolt from the blue", a long-planned trip because such a mistake will be forced to give up, accompanied by a friend to see Mr. Zhang also been blocked exit no interest, and finally gave up the current travel plans。
(Reporter Zhan Cheng Chen Xue Jiefeng open correspondent waited Wang Haitao) Editor: Fei Fan。