Create networking industry open trillion market

 In two of the country recently held, the CPPCC National Committee, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute chief engineer Lei Zhenzhou, and the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Feng Peide invariably referred to the。
  It is understood that after the world financial crisis continues to accelerate economic restructuring, the United States first proposed the new concept of the wisdom of the Earth and other new strategies, strategic emerging industries can hope to become a new growth point and pillar industries of the future。
At the same time, China has also been put forward a strategic vision perception of China, hoping to adapt to major changes in the global demand structure, and be the first to seize the high ground。   Lei Zhenzhou pointed out that the so-called wisdom of the Earth is to realize instrumented, interconnected and intelligent。 Its essence is the perception, transmission and processing of the three elements。 These three elements constitute the current concern of Things on Earth。 The Internet of Things refers sensing technology and wireless communication technology, communication between the object and the object, and the perception of the information collected for transmission and exchange of information sharing through the network and intelligent processing sensor, radio frequency identification (), etc.。   According to Lei Zhenzhou introduction, the concept of the wisdom of the Earth is the things used in the power grid, railways, bridges, tunnels, highways, buildings, water systems, dams, oil and gas pipelines and other industries in。 And then combined with the Internet, integrate communication and information systems and physical systems of people and things, so that humans can manage production and life in a more refined and dynamic way to reach the state of wisdom, improve resource utilization and productivity, improve people relationship with nature。   Lei Zhenzhou forecast, the development of networking industry will drive a new wave of ICT (information communication technology) construction achievements trillion dollar market。
According to Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) predicts that by 2017 the world will have 7 trillion wireless devices is 70 million people service。
  However, when it comes to the development of things, Lei Zhenzhou also emphasized that by means of ICT intelligence in a country in full swing once is unrealistic, the construction of things can not rush into mass action, our country must be based on needs and priorities to deploy。 According to reports, the United States chose the smart grid as a starting point; and in Japan, were chosen as the starting point。 At present, China has put forward a strategic vision in terms of intelligent grid。
  Things are very broad application, Feng Peide academician in an interview with reporters, said he is now to build our aircraft predict health systems actively running。 The system is also a practical application。
  According to reports, the aircraft predict the health system in our country has been brewing for years, Feng Peide other experts are being considered for inclusion in the National 863 Program, and made demonstration system。 With this system, by a sensor mounted on each aircraft parts, aircraft parts would grasp the condition of corrosion in the first time, with the engine running, metal fatigue, etc.。
  Feng Peide said foreign aircraft in the health system has begun to predict applications, such as the Airbus A380, the Boeing 787 has been done in this area to try。
He hoped that in the future it is possible to install the system on China's independent research and development of new aircraft, by accelerating the progress of the final installation of the system can have on our military and civilian aircraft。