Six breakfast habits you have several years of life lost?

As the saying goes: one day the morn。Breakfast quality not only affects the thinking person per day, eat well could still cause a range of health problems gastritis, obesity, gallstones, and even studies have shown that people who eat breakfast do not pay attention to even the average life expectancy shortened years old!!!The following Life Lost unhealthy habits you in a few breakfast?How to eat only the healthiest?1, breakfast eat too fast, high risk of cancer experts pointed out that the most direct impact gobble indigestion, double the risk of obesity, chewing is not fine, the burden of gastrointestinal, greatly increased chance of suffering from gastroesophageal reflux, and eating too fast can not stimulate brain activity, people will make you stupid。
Moreover, most people regardless of food is too hot to eat in a hurry, long-term diet high temperatures may cause cancer。More and more studies show that diet overheating and esophageal cancer and other gastrointestinal diseases are closely related。TIPS: slowly, not only to make good food digestion and absorption of nutrients will be good, "impatient" have to eat slowly "hot tofu" Well!2, early breakfast, to the detriment of gastric function was used to get up at five or six o'clock in the morning after breakfast, believing it to replenish the body needs, but in fact, eat breakfast too early, not only unhealthy, but also may accidental injury stomach。
Experts point out that people in the night during sleep, most of the body organs have been rest, but because of the need digestive organs of digestion and absorption of food for dinner, usually into the early hours really into the rest, if eating breakfast early, it will affect the stomach intestinal rest。TIPS: The best breakfast arrangements in 6: 30-8: 30, with 15-20 minutes after eating, develop a healthy, regular habits。No time table to use, loss of appetite, weight control and other excuse, eat only effort to lose weight oh。
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