The efficacy and role of purslane and food taboos

6, the role of the uterus: Shou soft equal reported in 1979, purslane has two opposite effects on the uterus of animals, as a stimulant, based Purslane share of potassium chloride; inhibition of a role-based organic components purslane。
Potassium mainly in the stem, the major organic constituents present in the leaves。 7, the effect of the system: Lanzhou Medical reports, 20% water decoction inhibit the isolated frog heart。
Anesthetized dogs intravenous injection of 3 ml / only, respiration, blood pressure, heart rate were not affected。 8, promote ulcer healing: National Chinese herbal medicine is reported that this product is rich in A-like substance, it can promote physiological function become normal epithelial cells。 Purslane food taboos just started eating purslane must be a small amount, gradually adapted to eat, can only put sugar, do not put brown sugar。
Because brown sugar is warm in nature, contrary to the direction of treatment。
Purslane is cold of the goods, spleen and stomach, diarrhea stool and eat; bogey and pepper, the pink, turtle shell with food。 Side effects: purslane can be used for human consumption, the FDA should be clinical, oral decoction no significant toxicity。 When the injection amount is large, can cause nausea。
1.For often easy to diarrhea, stomach relatively fragile friends, it is best not to eat purslane, because such people eat purslane may make worse, and this is one of the side effects of purslane。 2.For pregnant women, to fasting purslane, purslane because pregnant women may cause skidding。
So for the baby and the health of pregnant women, do not mess with purslane。 3.During you eat traditional Chinese medicine, especially when there is a turtle shell, do not eat the purslane。 Because it is likely to affect your treatment effect。