Scalp folliculitis is a hair loss killer!How to prevent hair loss caused by folliculitis?

In general, small red envelopes, mostly on the scalp folliculitis, initially red papules enrichment, after which will gradually develop into papular abscess, accompanied by mild pain or itching sensation, usually in the incidence of head, neck, , or hips, of the head occurs is called scalp folliculitis folliculitis。The causes of scalp folliculitis folliculitis occurs in immunocompromised or diabetic patients; bacterial infection is the leading cause of scalp folliculitis, especially in hot weather, sweating scalp love to lure a large number of bacteria and fungi breeding and propagation , so usually do not pay attention to frequent scratching the scalp or scalp clean person more likely to develop folliculitis。
In addition, regular contact with chemicals or dyed like frequent perming people suffering from scalp folliculitis probability will be higher than others; negative emotions too heavy, Yongnaoguodu can cause metabolic disorders caused by scalp folliculitis。
The relationship between hair loss and scalp folliculitis folliculitis little seemingly no big problem, but if the long-term attention, recurrent, chronic folliculitis will form, causing permanent hair loss。
(1) scalp folliculitis development for some time, the hair will gradually thinning, together with itching and pain symptoms, people will unconsciously scratch, damaged hair follicles and hair roots loose, the hair out more , bare scalp。
(2) adult hair follicles about 5 million, of which 1 million distributed in the head, showing about 100,000 hair follicles provide nutrients for the hair shaft, scalp folliculitis and blood circulation will destroy the hair follicle and hinder nutrition supply, the emergence of hair oil, dandruff and hair loss。
How to prevent hair loss caused by folliculitis scalp clean first thing to note problems, get rid of excessive or insufficient cleaning of bad habits, try cleaning with running water, so you can put dirt in the hair follicle squeezed out; at the same time, try to pay attention to hair conditioner Do not touch the scalp, wash thoroughly after moisturizing。Alopecia of the scalp folliculitis caused to be extra careful in the diet, eat less spicy greasy foods, avoid smoking and drinking, everyday can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin é celery, spinach, black sesame seeds, gum and more bone soup bone , pork ribs soup。Should the head of a pustule itching, do not scratch hard, you can apply some topical anti-inflammatory drugs, but be sure to keep healthy habits and scientific care。
Long ignored scalp folliculitis can easily lead to permanent hair loss, for good image and physical and mental health, call for immediate attention scalp problems, away from the scalp folliculitis!。