Let a man fascinated six words

Love words, women want to hear, but also want to hear the same man。 Here's a look at six small series and let a man fascinated words。
1, and with you, really interesting。 List the reasons: simple, sincere, and sometimes food for thought, nerve large section of men would foolishly think, nice and lovable, then equivalent to boast a beautiful woman, a good figure, not knowing when they were flattering but also Tisi horse, they want by no means perfunctory laugh even prevarication, some sweet words can be memorable and reflect the degree of sincerity is very important to me than you, without you I will die, because you know the world is not so good these words Tech, empty the contents of the abstract sentence I do not know how much higher。 2, like you。
List the reasons: simple, bangs is very simple, but the effect is unusual。 So that women blush index will not be lost straightforward hypocritical I love you, neither seemed deliberately contrived, harboring a soft diffuse into the heart of power。 Men do not like to always talks about love, but this is simple and simple words make a woman tenderness flood will not refuse them, and this word is quite easy, even if a text message or a phone call, only two words, woman's eyes will instantly soft。