Chinese students in Singapore beauty face fraud trap was actually add friends

Transfer Screenshot。
Source: Eye November 29 electric Recently, two Chinese students studying in Singapore a few days later, beautiful hair for help: so they did not expect that, just after they log iCloud, iPhone phone is in the "lost" state。 This time the boys anxious, not only did not see the photos, the phone's many functions can not be used!In desperation, they ask "beauty" unlock password, I did not expect that answer, "beauty" is given: the password can be, give unlock fee。 Remittance is not convenient?Alipay turn!Things are far from over, this password is actually a set of a ring to unlock the first floor, there is a second layer。
So, he transferred to at least three times "beauty" 5200 yuan (about S $ 1060)。 However, the phone is still not fully unlocked。
Coincidentally, the two boys or students, a 18-year-old, a 20-year-old, until the two men met no intention to bring the so-called girls only to find deceived。 November 20, two men with alarm。 Here to remind everyone: we must remember that online friends are strangers, they sent a request to be extra careful when it comes to transfer content, suspected cheated, call the police immediately!(Singapore Eye) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。