The second half starts to change 3!Curmudgeon also spend playing really changed his routine?

  Beijing on February 19 enjoyed most of the annual All-Star game in Los Angeles ended, Curry final team to 145 than the 148 lost to James team。 When the second half began the game Curry team changed three starters unexpected。   Curry Curry is the team's starting originally I Jiade Luo Chan, En Bide, letters Columbia, Harden 4 people, this is James team line-up in the first half to suppress the second half, D'Antoni bold evolutions, with Lori , Lillard, Green replacing under 恩比德库里哈登 three people, left a letter in the field only brother and two DeRozan。
  And this lineup looks like the results were good, and the eastern part of the fight had to have back, Lillard letter DeRozan brother and repeated shocks east impressive, and the Green on the defensive end also is the color。   D'Antoni evolutions of this decision is absolutely unexpected, surprise hit of the east, D'Antoni is indeed a generation marshal, imagination, courage, across the other hand, will be much less of Casey。
  The second half, a shot to the library to see eating popcorn on the side, Harden is quietly watching his teammates in the next, the second half began to dare to put the two stars on the bench ah handsome German This practice is absolutely courage。   (Yu Heng)。