How to prevent blood in the stool do these things

How to prevent blood in the stool is more common case, the occasional stool bleeding may be because the situation is lit as a result, but if more frequent, then it is likely to be sick。
Following small for everyone to talk about how to prevent bowel bleeding, we must do these things oh!How to prevent bowel bleeding (1) lack of intestinal bacteria cause by taking antibiotics or other drugs, destruction of beneficial intestinal flora ,, cause constipation。
Recommended by the proliferation of Bifidobacterium intestinal yellow Jinshuangqi factor to prevent constipation rule。 (2) the lack of crude fiber diet were the cause Dining out, irregular eating, attend to balanced nutrition intake, crude fiber food intake was often inadequate。 Recommendation to eat more vegetables and whole grains。 (3) lack of drinking water were busy to attend to drink water, drying the intestine, intestinal contents is not easy to discharge, even if some people make up water, constipation problem has not improved。
This is because the drinking water the wrong way, a mouth slowly drink water, water is almost all absorbed into the bloodstream, excreted through the urine。 Recommended drink plenty of water, especially after getting up in the morning。
How to prevent blood in the stool (4) sedentary person sedentary, lack of physical exercise, the muscles become flabby gut peristalsis weakened。 Coupled with women born weak abdominal muscles, sending a small force will be discharged, and therefore prone to constipation。
We recommend more exercise, especially in offices Ladies。 (5) those in poor bowel habits。