55-year-old Hong Kong woman learning to play the clown "scared to shake" balloon Niuchu newborn

55-year-old Hong Kong woman learning to play the clown "scared to shake" balloon Niuchu newborn || Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po", a pair of hands, a stick of heart, for the 55-year-old Ranko bring a different life。 Ranko elderly care worker would have worked, but with older, physical decline, want to switch but was age discrimination, and later enrolled in the Employees Retraining Board's "clown performing arts staff Foundation Certificate course", inspired her to balloon twisting talents also led had become more introverted Ranko brave people, have since launched a new chapter in life。
She is more congenial with the other seven, all over 50 years old clown team composed of students, hope everyone with different expertise, "blaze a new trail."。 Ranko's life had many Hong Kong women fifties and sixties, like, after graduating from elementary school to the factory workers, housewives after marriage switch to the ranks of hard raised four children, and later enrolled in home help and elderly care programs, to join about industry。 But with the older, elderly care worker for this job Ranko is quite difficult, but want to switch to was age discrimination, "the applicant shop assistant, the other one called me to know my age and so the message"。
Last September, Ranko enroll in the Employees Retraining Board's first "clown performing arts staff Foundation Certificate" hung pheasant course of employment, have since launched a new life, "no longer felt useless."。
Early "shock to shock" to avoid sitting corner played Ranko described before himself, "plain", does not like to express themselves, afraid to face the crowd to speak, but with the heart and helpful, often volunteering, elderly care worker during office more fully appreciate the importance of the happy life, very much hope that they can bring cheer to others, it is learned that the ERB courses will be offered in real-time registration。 Since the program is designed to train students to become artist-performers, course content involving public performances, but this basic tutorial Zeng Ranko "shock to shock," the beginning of the class "will be sitting in the corner, I hope not to be in the points," but of course not possible, instead, each lesson to perform in front of more than a dozen students, "the passage of time also get used to, a lot of daring."。
Clown, balloon twisting, playing magic, acrobat, pantomime, are all part of the curriculum content, Ranko said, "as of clown makeup after the 'upper', the individual will be high (excited) point" and their most smart " torsional wave ", in particular, 'twisting', 'Valentine's Day twist a lot,' she would study together more balloons spend money with other students, for example, called the most lucrative Disney animated characters -" frozen (frozen) " actress Aisha (ELSA), and will not stumped Ranko。 Hope Group housewife clown team "fight their way" after the end of the course, students Ranko with a congregation in the curriculum went to the mall show, she and the other seven all students more than 50 years the composition of the team clown "good Chouchou" , had members on active regions show earlier and more in Tsuen Wan, New Year Fair stalls selling balloon twisting pendulum, sales situation is good and can be put on the head of lion's head balloons for sale particular attention, and is the best selling of Edsa and daffodils balloon flower。 Ranko said, hawking not for money, just want to apply their knowledge, but she really hopes by retired people and "housewife" housewife composed of "good Chouchou", to "blaze a new trail" in the hope to do more birthday performance of work and centers for the elderly。
The course is jointly organized by the ERB and the Evangelical Lutheran Church and Yan Oi Tong, a 10-week, primarily full-day courses, a total of 156 hours。
Lutheran Church represents to the owners Ren Huangjuan Yan, the object of this program for young people, but eventually enroll at least eighty percent aged 50 or over, "Even so, as high as their ability。 "He was referring to the basic teaching courses vote clever, but all the students a hardworking enough, will continue to self-study, based on the favorable response, ready in April of this year and then the opening, so that more 'little old (youngold)' spent more interesting case half a lifetime。