What common sense diet regimen teach you healthy

What diet common sense to believe that everyone has a their eating habits, good eating habits will make people's body better, then what common sense diet with introduction and small series to see what common sense diet that's it!What common sense healthy diet common sense one: the eyes are the window of the brain we often say: the eyes are the windows of the soul, in fact, the truth should be more specific: the eyes are the window of the brain。 Research report, retinal small blood vessels of the brain may reveal the extent of health。 Scientists found that the lower the thicker middle-aged man these vessels results in IQ tests。 So it is necessary to middle-aged eyes checked once a year。 Health knowledge II: wrinkles and more wrinkles and high blood pressure is not just the signs of aging wrinkles may also be a harbinger of cardiovascular problems。
When the researchers studied populations are grouped according to the risk of cardiovascular disease found that few people risk wrinkles hypertension and heart disease are also lower。 Health knowledge III: long index finger is not easy to have prostate cancer diet expert knowledge about what studies have shown that people suffering from a long forefinger risk of prostate cancer, a disease called other populations low, and therefore the index finger length can predict the risk of disease prostate cancer。 Spring diet should be common sense what spring food intake variety of food nutrition, appropriate to eat coarse grains。