Zhangzidao resumption: scallops did not return to shareholders ran a retail eat a few tons "Teppanyaki"?| * ST deer Island

  Source: Hong Xu effect is "compliance" – said the resumption Fortunately, February 5, will be able to resume trading as scheduled, unlike some companies, resumption time again and again and again postponed……Scallops back?  Scallop mind you do not guess。
  The company's resumption announcement, the market almost to a "surprise": CSI Jun raged working group: This is to take it lightly when disclosure of material information?How do you allow the company to more than 40,000 small shareholders bear little heart!Fortunately, CSI Jun attitude has always been strict, carefully read out the original announcement, I realized that part of the media like Bo eye "misunderstanding": media previously reported that local scallop as early as mid-November 2017 It began large-scale death, which Zhangzidao very different from public disclosure of information, but also attracted questioned compliance for Zhangzidao scallop real time of death and information disclosure Zhangzidao。
  The company made the announcement on the report clarified: Company production operations process, including mid-November 2017, including the relevant point in time, also found the end of sowing scallop mortality, but the combination of yield data was harvested area judgment, or unusual circumstances require a substantial impairment write-off does not exist。
  There are more gossip news: users guess the original scallops did not run, experts of the string out of doors only。   Major shareholders scallops faster run faster than September 2, 2017, Zhangzidao disclosed the second largest shareholder of Beijing Rong Ji Yuan Tong Asset Management Co., Ltd. – One Island and securities investment fund holdings plan。 At that time, in mid-2017 Zhangzidao semi-annual report disclosed just shortly。
Semi-annual report, the company's 2017 first half results can be described as beautiful year after year, net profit yuan, an increase of up to%。 Thus, the planned fund holdings and Island One point is very appropriate disclosure。
  Shortly thereafter, Zhangzidao announced in mid-2017 the end of autumn sowing scallop sampling tests。
Spot check time for the September 26, 2017 – October 18。
October 25, the company announced that the sampling tests and survey results show that the company end the risk of sowing scallop impairment does not yet exist。
  November 13, 2017 –12 19, and Island Fund One in four pen Zhangzidao sell stock shares, cash in more than 15 million yuan。
  One and Island Fund and Zhangzidao company has a very direct relationship。
  Public information display, and Island One fund was first set up fund-raising 500 million yuan, mainly for the transferee equity Zhangzidao。 August 2016, Zhangzidao announced that the company directors, supervisors and part of the core backbone of the staff members in total no more than 150 people prepared to invest no more than 75 million yuan to subscribe for participation。 In other words, investors and fund One island there are a lot of employees are Zhangzidao。   One fund and the island of "precision underweight", and in 2014 the company's "home scallops incident" occurred before, the behavior of its controlling shareholder investment and development center Changhai Zhangzidao island quite "similar" place。   "Teppanyaki" small, scattered, and ultimately, the major shareholder of "precision" underweight, Zhangzidao about 42,000 small shareholders may not be so lucky。
  Investors: New Year, and buy a bottle of Maotai home, dumplings wine, everything……Zhangzidao small, scattered: Chinese New Year do not eat dumplings, eat "teppanyaki" main dish is garlic fans fan……No, scallops run, we only have a garlic fans。   Zhangzidao February 5th resumption "word board" almost certainly limit, the daily limit several open questions is the small investors are more concerned about。
  There are also optimists point out that in 2014, after resumption of trading Zhangzidao only two "the word" limit, the daily limit for a third day opens。
There are even derision to investors: Last Zhangzidao scallops run, the result of a wave of bull market!The scallops and on foot, ha ha ha ha ha, is it a bull market to come?  2014 Zhangzidao resume trading after the Shanghai Composite Index and the trend superimposed This moment。
  During that time Zhangzidao suspension, the Shanghai Composite Index rose%; while the company's shares were suspended just three trading days, the Shanghai Composite Index fell%。
  In addition, in recent days, stock performance worrying, "flash collapse" frequent。
Do not say "black swan" event, even if it is just a release results of pre-cut announcement, there are at least a limit waiting。   Shares in the daily limit on the number of discussion Zhangzidao was very enthusiastic:。