Gastroenteritis symptoms of gastroenteritis treatment so good fast

With the advancement of diet conditions, more and more people are suffering from gastroenteritis problems。 So, what are the symptoms of gastroenteritis gastroenteritis how to treat a symptom 1, systemic symptoms: chronic wasting symptoms were, looking not Chinese lack of energy, less gas lazy words, limb weakness, thermophilic cold。 As in acute inflammation, in addition to heat, visible dehydration, acidosis, shock, or hemorrhagic manifestations。 2, gastrointestinal symptoms: often show intermittent abdominal pain, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, mainly based disease。
Cold, into the greasy thing or a case of mood swings, or fatigue, especially after the。
Stool frequency increased, on line several times or several dozen, anus falling, stool unhappy。 Acute exacerbation of chronic enteritis, visible high fever, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, fecal urgency bloody cold water or sticky。 Gastroenteritis symptoms of gastroenteritis treatment so good fast 3 signs: the long-term abdominal discomfort or less abdominal dull pain, abdominal examination shows, umbilical or less dominated the abdomen, with mild tenderness, hyperactive bowel sounds, prolapse。
4. Diarrhea: The most common symptoms of chronic gastroenteritis are diarrhea, once a day or several times。
Some only repeated outbreaks bowel movement after breakfast, the rest can no diarrhea, occasionally diarrhea one day more than two dozen persons。
Diarrhea does not occur at night, not wake up due to defecation, it does not interfere with sleep, bowel incontinence does not occur。 Gastroenteritis symptoms of gastroenteritis treatment so good fast feces some patients with a large number of white or clear mucus, or even full of mucus。 5, abdominal: left lower quadrant pain area or right upper quadrant common portion。
Varying nature of pain complaints: cramps, pain, pain, tingling, pain, contraction, etc. can have the。 Sustainable minutes to hours, remission after exhaust, defecation or enema。 6, stomach pain: bloating, gastric acid significantly increased, along with irregular pain, seizures cycles are getting shorter。 Recommended Reading。