Original national opera "Song Mao Ling Love" staged in Beijing

  Fuzhou, March 16 (Reporter Liu arable), Fujian Province Song and Dance Theater 16 released news that the evening of 15 March and 14 May, produced by the Cultural Department of Fujian Province, Fujian Province Song and Dance Theater rehearsal original national opera "Phyllodoce Ling Love "staged in Beijing Poly Theater, touted by the audience。
  Fujian Province Song and Dance Theater said that this was after "Love Song Mao Ling" was selected The Ministry of Culture of the outstanding national opera performances hard act to Beijing。 As the Ministry of Culture of 2017 China National Opera heritage development project focused on supporting repertoire, original national opera "Love Song Mao Ling" in the November 21, 2017, 22, premiered in Longyan Changting caused a sensation when, and in the same year 12 May 29, two nights on the 30th, at the Chinese opera Festival held in Nanjing, the show once again conquered the audience。   "Love Song Mao Ling" is on the eve of the Long March "Song Mao Ling campaign" for the background story。
The campaign is the fifth time the Red Army against "encirclement and suppression" final battle in Min。 Opera tells the story of the Red Army when the war Shi Line roots and his comrades set out, according to Mei Hakka customs, her husband promised to make Argentina a dress and a pair of shoes a year, waiting for his safe return。
After 10 months, Mei give birth, when the baby is born legitimate, but died in the Battle of Argentina Phyllodoce Ridge。
Blink of an eye in the past 30 years, each year a set of new clothes and Mei still Agen sewing shoes。
When Argentina's posthumous certificate of the father of martyrs sacrificed to Mei, Mei felt thunderstruck。
After the grief, she put 30 sets of clothes and shoes into the house 50 meters across the cenotaph, the final farewell to Agen……。